Properly monitor your solar production system to increases your profits and guarantee a return on investment.

Monitorización fotovoltaica

Value added service

We offer our customised service to analyse signal coverage in wireless networks with LoRa communications to ensure our monitoring and protection systems are properly installed. This study lets us guarantee the best signal level and the data transfer between the Combiner Boxes and the monitoring and control system.

  • Field coverage study
  • Definition of installation points
  • Start-up service

Monitoring of photovoltaic strings

Get peak efficiency from your photovoltaic panels

Maximise your facility's profitability by monitoring the generation of your photovoltaic panels and tracking any issues that might occur.

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Protection of photovoltaic plants

Guarantee power generation by means of custom-made string boxes for each project

Ensure the continuity of service of your generation system while protecting your installation with custom-made combiner boxes.

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Comunicaciones LoRa

LoRa Communications

Wireless solution with LoRa communications. This type of communication uses a long-distance wireless data transmission technology (< 15 km). Combined with string monitoring, it is the most efficient communication system on the market.


The easiest way to program your device

Download our MyConfig app free of charge and set up all your STM devices quickly, easily and securely using your smartphone or tablet. No need to use a laptop in the field.

Save on start-up time by configuring your measurement devices via Bluetooth, without having to access the panel.