Automatic control and supervision

By automatically controlling your HVAC systems through free-cooling, you can improve the energy efficiency of your installation, thus reducing energy consumption. The implementation of telemanagement systems ensures continuity of supply through remote action.

One of the greatest challenges in telecommunications, radio and television facilities is controlling the energy of HVAC systems. Currently, to improve management and reduce consumption, it is normal to install HVAC or free-cooling systems. These allow the installation to be cooled while adjusting its use to environmental conditions, taking advantage of external thermal inertia to reduce energy consumption and optimise management.


Control and automate all the systems in your installation

The devices in the Line system paved the way for the iEMS (integrated Energy Management System) concept, which combines into a single solution the automatic management of multiple types of energy control systems, such as for HVAC or lighting.

Take advantage of the power of iEMS to include energy consumption management and add both digital and analogue input and output modules.

iEMS system

Automate your free-cooling system

A free-cooling system combines the installation of temperature and humidity sensors with ventilation and air conditioning systems to improve the control of your telecommunications stations, also known as BTS (Building Technology Systems).

The HVAC system can be connected to the line-EDS energy manager, which uses the programmed setpoints to compare indoor and outdoor temperatures to automatically connect the ventilation systems, using external thermal inertia to cool your centre. These setpoints also take into account outdoor humidity, and avoid connecting and activating the HVAC system when the humidity is high in order to avoid damaging the electronic equipment installed, thus improving the energy efficiency of your installation.

By installing the line-EDS energy manager, in addition to automatically controlling the HVAC systems, you can also manage your installation by including residual current devices and breakers.

The system allows you to monitor the status of each protection device in real time and to remotely connect and disconnect any line or load from the installation without having to travel there.

It is simple to program operating and service alarms for all the systems connected, and receive real-time alerts via email whenever an incident occurs that might affect the performance or continuity of the service offered.

HVAC automation

Implementing automatic systems to manage your HVAC installation can improve energy efficiency in BTS by reducing energy consumption.

iEMS system

Create your own integrated Energy Management System