Managing power quality

Ensure the power quality you offer to your customers and record quality events that can cause faults in the installations connected to your distribution network and your transformer substations.

The applicable law requires monitoring the quality of the power that you supply to all your customers. The relevant standard in the countries of the European Union, including Spain, is EN 50160. This requires preparing and sending in annual statistical reports on the trend in the power quality delivered to customers by each transformer substation.

The installation of power quality analyzers provides relevant information on how multiple electrical parameters are trending, and makes it possible to detect and record quality events, such as overvoltages, dips, interruptions or transients that can affect both the performance of your transformer substations and your customers' facilities.

Circutor offers fixed and portable network analyzers to record any incidents that may result in a claim by your customers.

Power quality

Analyze the quality of the power you supply your customers

Identify any incident related to the voltage level supplied to ensure the continuity of the service you provide your customers, and record the quality of the power supplied as per the IEC 61000-4-30 and EN 50160 standards.

Portable analyzer

Check the status of your lines and transformer substations

Do quality supply studies using portable network analyzers. Display changes in electrical parameters, identify voltage events that can influence the continuity of the service you provide your customers, and study what happened at a specific time. Portable network analyzers let you detect areas of improvement in transport infrastructures and transformer substations, as well as any anomalies in your supply.

Quality and monitoring

Fully monitor your transformer substation

Use the R-SABT advanced remote monitoring system to detect any power quality event that might affect the continuity of your service as per IEC 61000-4-30, and monitor the status and consumption of each low-voltage line in your transformer substation.

Power quality

Check the quality of the power you offer to all your customers

The power quality analyzers that are installed in transformer substations must meet the requirements contained in EN 50160, in terms of both the parameters recorded and the format of the recorded data. For installations outside European territory, the law may differ in some regards, but it will always depend on the electrical parameters recorded by power quality analyzers.

Standard EN 50160 refers to statistics, normally averaged every 10 minutes, to ensure the regularity of the level of quality of the electrical waveform supplied. However, another aspect that can have financial effects is spontaneous quality events, whether caused by faults, technical outages or incidents in transformers or transmission and distribution lines, as these can result in customers filing administrative claims against you.

Because of this, a power quality device is required that can record events that affect the quality of service, as per the guidelines set out by the IEC 61000-4-30 international standard, such as overvoltages, dips or voltage interruptions lasting at least half a cycle. This information, registered in the transformer substations, will serve as evidence when defending against any claim for damages caused to your customers' facilities, whether due to equipment malfunctions, faults in loads or production lines, or supply outages.

Power quality analyzers are very useful for generating the reports associated with the current quality standards, as well as for resolving any disputes related to the service you provide your customers.

UNE Certificado IEC

Standard EN 50160

By installing power quality analyzers, you can prepare statistical reports, normally based on the EN 50160 quality standard, to ensure that the quality of the waveform supplied to your customers complies with the minimum requirements, thus avoiding claims. This way, you can be sure that the power supply will always meet the quality standards, and not affect the performance of your customers' installations.


Analyze any quality problems that may affect your customers

By installing power quality analyzers, you can detect sporadic quality events, as defined in IEC 61000-4-30, such as overvoltages, dips or interruptions, and quantify the type of event and its duration in order to install systems that can mitigate its impact on production, as well as to file claims with insurance companies for any damage caused by poor power quality.