Our mission is to offer the best industrial hardware and the most advanced software tools to facilitate the development of your application. Focus on your business software needs and forget about hardware.


Monitoring, control and analysis in the main industrial and tertiary sectors

Tailor-made IoT products

Customizing your industrial device has never been simpler

Select a power supply, communications, inputs/outputs, energy measurement and much more. Create the ideal device for your application or project.

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Programmable controllers and industrial automation

Develop your high-performance applications with the Linux operating system for Circutor embedded devices

API Multi-language, Node-RED, Grafana, InfluxDB, VPN, encryption packets, and much more with the most comprehensive software suite.

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Energy Management Systems

Monitor your energy consumption and automate actions to improve the efficiency of your building

The first step to save and to make your actions more effective is to monitor and analyse your consumption data. Make the smartest decisions.

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Modular IoT solution for creating customized devices

  • Modularity taken to extremes
    Modular solution to create industrial IoT devices tailored to every need and project.
  • For software professionals
    Includes tools such as Node-RED, protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, Bacnet, direct communication with OMRON and Siemens PLCs. Programming in C, C++, Go, Python and Java.
  • Perfect for integration projects
    Need to send data to a customer’s cloud?
    Need to capture data from PLCs and display it in real-time?
    Client looking for an industrial Raspberry Pi?

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