Automatic analysis and control

Managing HVAC or lighting systems lets users optimise energy consumption, save energy and avoid inefficient consumption.

Buildings, infrastructures and facilities in the tertiary sector devote much of their energy resources to their air heating and cooling systems, and to lighting. Implementing a single control system lets users centralise the management of their facility from a single platform, so they can track in real time the operation of the entire facility and identify potential inefficiencies.


Control all the systems in your installation

The devices in the Line system paved the way for the iEMS (integrated Energy Management System) concept, which combines into a single solution the management of different types of energy consumption and the management of multiple control and maintenance systems (lighting, HVAC, etc.).


Constant analysis

This system helps you implement continuous improvements to manage the energy consumption of your facility through the installation of fixed power analyzers connected via an Energy Management System (EMS).


Automatically control your lighting and HVAC systems

Control any HVAC or lighting system via modbus communications with the line-EDS manager. The line-EDS devices feature software (iEMS) that can be used to program any control setpoint for automatic operation based on both external and internal conditions. Its performance can also be expanded by using other Line devices with both digital and analogue inputs and outputs.

This makes it possible to connect or disconnect the various systems as determined by a calendar, timetable or status of any sensor, adjusting their use to the reality of each installation. The iEMS system allows us to optimise energy costs, using the right amount of energy in every working scenario. It also detects any overconsumption that may exist due to poor programming or an operating failure.

The PowerStudio Scada software or the Line-EDS Energy Manager can be used to program and record all the information on each of these systems in the most user-friendly way possible, avoiding excess costs resulting from improper management or an operational fault, and automatically sending an alert whenever an alarm is triggered that may affect performance.

Power analyzers provide reliable information on the energy consumption of each system, and offer an added value by analyzing trends in electrical variables, including harmonics, to evaluate how severely they can affect your installation.

Discover Circutor's solutions for managing energy consumption, automatically monitoring any control system, and reporting any problems that occur in the installation.

iEMS system

Create your own integrated Energy Management System