Use of social networks

All official CIRCUTOR, SAU profiles on social networks inform the user of their terms and conditions of use. These terms are detailed in the following document:

CIRCUTOR created this page on social networks in order to be able to listen to you, to provide you with information and so that you can get to know us better. Its main objective is to promote transparent and constructive dialogue, always from a point of view of respect amongst all users.

For this channel to be useful for everyone, it is necessary to respect certain basic rules. Please read the following rules of use carefully before participating:

  1. Remember that this is a public forum. In adding any data, comment or information, you accept that this can be seen by all other users of this social network and by CIRCUTOR.
  2. We ask that you speak in the first person and that you try to add value in your comments, facilitating information and contrasting perspectives. Remember that you are responsible for anything that you add and for any potential consequences in terms of your image and reputation. If you are unsure, it is better not to add anything.
  3. This space is a forum for exchanging opinions and for constructive debate, it is not a place in which to create controversy, discredit other users or third parties or for expressing complaints, which should be submitted via the appropriate channels that CIRCUTOR has established for such purposes.
  4. Treat other users with respect; use appropriate and correct language and act as if you were in the presence of the other person.
  5. Do not publish marketing material and do not use this profile in order to make a profit or arrange business deals, do not compare or assess products or services from other companies. Neither is this the forum for promoting yourself or looking for a job; CIRCUTOR already has a specific channel for that purpose.
  6. Your contribution should present real and concrete data, as well as coherent arguments. Quotes or the reproduction of small fragments of texts or the work of third parties in general are permitted, provided that the source and name of the author is indicated. If you contribute something of your own (text, photos, images, videos or audio recordings), we inform you that you thereby grant CIRCUTOR authorisation to reproduce it via any physical or virtual medium, where we will indicate your name as the author, with other users also being able to save or reproduce it.
  7. The “C” symbol, “CIRCUTOR” and/or any other logo that we use on this profile are registered trademarks. The contents published by CIRCUTOR on this profile are also the property of the company and as such, CIRCUTOR reserves all intellectual and industrial property rights associated with them. You must commit to respecting them and not using them without due authorisation, regardless of the medium.
  8. You may only download contents and copy or print contributions for your personal and private use.
  9. We inform you that from this profile on this social network, CIRCUTOR will never publicly request your personal details.
  10. The information contained on this profile should not be considered as advice, recommendation to buy, sales or any other type of negotiation with regards to CIRCUTOR’s products or solutions.
  11. We must ensure the correct use of this profile, which is why CIRCUTOR, as the administrator, reserves the right to delete, without the right of reply, any contribution that:
    • It considers to be illegal, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, slanderous, inappropriate, ethically or socially discriminatory or occupationally reprehensible, or that may in some way cause damage and material or moral losses to CIRCUTOR, its employees, collaborators or third parties.
    • Incorporates third-party data without their authorisation.
    • Contains any type of recommendation relating to marketing material or to propaganda, personal or for the benefit of third parties, whether they are natural or legal persons.
    • Is redundant.
    • Is not related to the purpose of the page.

Liability and guarantee of CIRCUTOR

CIRCUTOR does not accept liability for the views expressed on this profile and in no way guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy or update of the information that it contains.

Under no circumstances are CIRCUTOR, its administrators, employees and authorised personnel responsible for any type of damage, losses, complaints or costs, whether or not they arise from the use of this social network, from information acquired or accessed via it, from computer viruses, operational faults, service or transmission interruptions or faults on the line; the use of this social network, by direct connection as well as via a link or other means, constitutes a warning to any user that such events may occur.

CIRCUTOR does not accept any liability for websites that are not its own that can be accessed via links from this profile or for any content made available by third parties.

CIRCUTOR reserves the right to modify, delete, cancel or restrict the content of this profile, the links or the information obtained via it, without prior notice.

Should you have any queries related to browsing, content and access, please contact the profile administrator.