Analysis of electrical installations

The preventive actions, savings and decision-making of any industry rely on analysis as an essential element.

In order to reach reliable conclusions, we have to be able to answer some basic questions, such as: How much energy do we consume? When do we consume it? Where do we consume it? How do we consume it? And what is the quality of the power? To do this, we will need to install measuring equipment that can gather energy consumption data and evaluate its trend over time. This will make it possible to view consumption trends and identify areas of improvement so that you can apply the appropriate corrective measures, assess their benefits and quickly detect any abnormal or inefficient consumption. Discover all the solutions we have to make your installation more efficient


Constant analysis

This system helps you implement continuous improvements to manage the energy consumption and production processes of your facility through the installation of fixed power analyzers connected via an Energy Management System (EMS).


Energy audit

Do energy audits and power quality studies by using portable network analyzers. See how electrical parameters change over time or study what happened at a specific point in time to detect anomalies and areas of improvement during the analysis period.


Integrated audit and control

The devices in the Line system paved the way for the iEMS (integrated Energy Management System) concept, which combines into a single solution the management of different types of energy consumption and the management of multiple control and maintenance systems (lighting, HVAC, etc.).


How can I implement an Energy Management System?

The implementation of this system relies on the installation of data capture equipment (hardware) plus software that makes it possible to store all the information on a server. This information can be used to record energy consumption data, as well as data on how electrical and process variables change over time.

Once all this information is stored and timestamped, it is possible to make graphs and tables for a period defined by the user, in order to compare them and properly evaluate their progression over time.

As a result, you can take corrective actions to both reduce energy consumption and manage production processes in your facility, as per the ISO 50001 energy management regulations, with all the aforementioned benefits in terms of improved consumption and processes, and of the image your company projects to its customers and suppliers.

What are the benefits of implementing an EMS system?

SCADA displays provide information on your installation and production process in real time so you can identify any anomaly or alarm that occurs in the facility, minimising the response time and reducing the economic impact of a malfunction.

By being able to create automatic reports or billing simulations, you can anticipate energy costs and gather real and reliable data on the energy amount, whether total or by area. You can also use this information to allocate costs to production processes and to have total control over manufacturing systems.

ISO 50001 Norma certificicación

ISO 50001 Standard

By installing measuring equipment, you can also take a step forward in energy efficiency by certifying your facility in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard for Energy Management Systems (EMS).

This certification will ensure that you are using energy responsibly and in a way that is environmentally friendly and minimises your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gases.

A company that is mindful of a sustainable future has more options to enter the most demanding markets and increase its profits.

Integrated energy audit, control and maintenance

The iEMS system records all the information on your facility's energy consumption, monitoring it in real time, displaying it on data graphs or tables, which can then be exported outside the application in order to compare them.

Create SCADA displays to control all your automation systems from a single device (Line-EDS). You can use any web browser or PowerStudio Server to control and display the status of your installation in real time, change any setpoint and receive alarms to improve the management of all your control systems.

Program any type of alarm to monitor the installation depending on the variables of the connected devices.
If any parameter is outside its programmed values, the system will make the necessary adjustments and/or send an e-mail instantly.

Thus, by installing an EMS/iEMS, you can manage your energy use at all times, carry out proper maintenance and track your production processes.