SCADA software designed for industry 4.0

PowerStudio SCADA WAVE is our new user interface that contains additional features that let you interact with the software more easily, quickly and conveniently.

Its engaging interface will allow you to browse more intuitively and let you easily set up and edit your application.

From now on, you can make the most of PowerStudio SCADA from any web browser.

PowerStudio SCADA Splash EN

Create and manage Circutor
and third-party Modbus devices

PowerStudio SCADA WAVE lets you create and modify any device or sensor with Modbus communications so you can monitor, manage and control it remotely.

Equipos MODBUS Genericos
Compatible with generic devices

View the parameters sorted by type

Create the driver once and export it to any PowerStudio SCADA

Read and store only the variables you are most interested in

Gain speed and agility with a completely upgraded experience

Any time we launch a new product, we will create an updatable driver so you can add your new devices right away. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the features without having to wait for new PowerStudio updates.

Decide how to analyze and view your data

PowerStudio SCADA WAVE redefines the creation of dashboards with a tool that lets you display, compare and group data in real time.

The Monitor tool gives you the freedom to customize and configure dashboards to meet your specific needs.

Decide which data to display and how to present them through a gallery of customizable widgets that will allow you to tailor the dashboards based on the type of user and installation.

Energy dashboards with Monitor

Stay on top of all your alarms,
now with notifications via Telegram

WAVE is an advanced graphical tool that is perfect for creating and managing alarms and events efficiently. This functionality lets you create events quickly and intuitively, without requiring complex programming knowledge.

The visual interface, based on flow diagrams, makes it easy to define the parameters and conditions that will trigger alarms in your SCADA systems. Use our practical search engine to review and show the activation conditions associated with any one device.

creacion de alarmas y eventos
Alarmas y notificaciones via telegram

When an alarm is triggered, the system will send the information in real time so you can take prompt action to resolve any problem. The integration with the Telegram platform lets you stay up to date at all times and avoid indirect costs associated with faults in the management and control systems of your installation.

If you want, you can generate a notification via email, SMS and, now, Telegram when an event occurs. This way, you can receive a push notification on your mobile so you can take action and solve any issues quickly.

Your SQL database is always updated

PowerStudio SCADA lets you insert the data recorded directly into your own SQL database. This functionality provides an efficient and reliable tool for storing and managing your application in a centralized database.

Exchange your data with those of other databases to get a precise overview of your operations and make strategic decisions for your business.

Base de datos SQL exportable
seguridad PowerStudio

Encrypted and secure communications

Our priority is to guarantee the integrity and privacy of your information. To do so, PowerStudio SCADA implements secure communications between all its modules and services, encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, for your security and peace of mind.

We make sure your data are protected against potential threats and risks. You can rest assured that we rely on the best security practices, since we comply with the most demanding data protection standards.

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