Energy consumption analysis

Analysing how much energy your facility consumes lets you quantify the energy resources associated with your service, and identify and correct consumption inefficiencies.

Measuring energy consumption lets you quantify the energy required by the different systems in your facility. This information is essential to assessing future energy improvement actions in order to optimise your consumption, avoid penalties, reduce the amount of your electric bill or invoice your customers for their energy use.

By installing power analyzers, you can have real-time information on both energy and electrical parameters to account for total and partial consumption, and thus ensure the proper operation of your facility.

Data collection

Constant analysis

This system helps you implement continuous improvements to manage the energy consumption of your facility through the installation of fixed power analyzers connected via an Energy Management System (EMS).

Consumption analysis

Measurement at the main panel to avoid excess costs

By measuring power using power analyzers at the main panel, you can get information on the general consumption of your facility and compare the energy consumed by the installation with that recorded by the meter.

Monitoring and recording energy and power data lets you ensure that the contracted power corresponds to the actual consumption of your facility. It is common for facilities to have more power contracted than they really need, which translates into higher monthly electric bills.

By installing power analyzers, you can determine the exact amount of power your facility needs and adjust the contracted power accordingly to avoid paying too much.
Power analyzers are also essential to anticipating potential surcharges due to reactive power consumption, since they measure the power factor in real time, indicating whether the facility requires compensation using a capacitor bank, and again helping you avoid paying too much on your monthly bill.

Billing consumption

Energy readings help you charge your customers for the cost of the energy associated with your service.

Consumption analysis

Distributed readings to optimise your installation

It is estimated that of the total energy consumed in transmission facilities or DPCs, 60% is to supply the actual energy needs of the facility, and 40% is for cooling.

To improve overall efficiency, it is also necessary to quantify the energy consumed by different computer, HVAC and lighting systems. This information lets you narrow down the scope of any improvements so you can take action first in the area with the highest consumption.

If the energy measurement involves a data processing centre, the need arises to automatically calculate the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which requires measuring the total energy supplied versus the energy used by the computer equipment. By installing power analyzers or partial meters, you can obtain the data needed to calculate it and send it to the control centre or energy manager.

Código de conducta CPD DCP PUE DCiE
Consumption efficiency

Calculate your facility's efficiency indicator

Measurements taken by power analyzers can be used to calculate the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and DCIE (data centre infrastructure efficiency), measured as the energy consumed by the IT equipment divided by the total energy consumed by the centre.