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PRIME PLC is an open and interoperable system that uses the low-voltage grid itself to communicate and manage the various energy measuring devices connected to it.

The PLC (Power Line Communications) system provides for a minimal infrastructure investment, since it uses modulated signals sent through the power grid itself.


Solutions to optimise any aspect of your business


Energy measurement and quality of the power generated.


Optimisation of transport lines


Power factor correction for substations

Transformer substations

Incident tracking and processing


Billing and power factor correction


Billing and power factor correction


Invoicing, fraud detection and charging point sales

Public roads

Charging in motorways and cities

Telemetry for invoicing

Remotely manage your customers' consumption.

By automatically getting the electricity consumption readings of your customers, you can optimise the billing resources for hard-to-reach facilities.

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Smart grids

Bill and manage your users using the electrical network itself

Take advantage of the electricity grid itself to bill for energy and manage your users remotely using meters with the PRIME PLC system to reduce operational costs.

Find out more about PRIME PLC telemanagement

Supervision for substations

Optimise the performance of your transformer substations

Monitor the operation of low-voltage distribution panels, do energy balances, prevent electricity fraud and troubleshoot more effectively in your transformer substations.

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Power Quality

Verify and optimise the quality of your electrical service

Ensure the power quality you offer to your customers and record quality events that can cause faults in the installations connected to your distribution network and your transformer substations.

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PF Correction

Use and offer solutions to correct reactive energy

Increase the performance of your transport and distribution systems and help your customers lower their electricity bills by consuming efficiently.

Find out more about power factor correction

EV charging

Electric mobility as a business area

Get involved in installing systems for charging electric vehicles on motorways, public roads or directly in your customers' homes, boosting profits for your business.

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PRIME Compact-DC concentrators

Renowned experts in the design and manufacture of PLC concentrators approved by the PRIME Alliance

  • Fully interoperable with any PRIME PLC device on the market
  • Manage your customers’ consumption
  • Remotely control each supply connection
  • Built-in Ethernet and/or 3G communications
  • Record the total consumption of the transformer substation
  • Control the power quality of your transformer substations

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Including new technologies in the electrical sector lets you gather reliable information to optimise the operation of your infrastructure and improve the service you offer to your customers.