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Research geared to the needs of the sector

We rely on innovation to provide real solutions to today’s needs. Which is why collaboration is always present in our usual research process. Listening to share points of view is an essential part of our creative process and our day-to-day life.


ECOASIS: 100% off-grid high-power EV charging infrastructure hub

Ecoasis is a new and disruptive concept that makes it possible, anywhere in the world, to build a refuelling station for electric or hydrogen vehicles, without the need for connection to the electricity grid.


Large, multidisciplinary team devoted exclusively to innovation

There are over 100 people on our large team who are tasked with creating the products that will be tomorrow’s solutions for your installation. In our commitment to creating useful solutions, agility and especially quality are our priority, which we achieve thanks to the diversity and engagement of our staff.


Involved in future options

We are committed to the future of our sector and of everyone. Because of this, and thinking long term, we are involved in new options such as renewable energies, electrical mobility and energy management systems, to support the development of our society and of an increasingly efficient energy sector.

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Reinvesting profits

We believe in and are committed to our project. That is why we prioritize ongoing reinvestments in technology, innovation and our staff. This philosophy, based on rigorous innovation, has led us to discover countless new solutions, some of them a first in the market.