Electric vehicle charging

Get involved in installing systems for charging electric vehicles on motorways, public roads or directly in your customers' homes, boosting profits for your business.

The current market trend points strongly to the inclusion of charging systems for electric vehicles. This trend is receiving support from the vast majority of governments through different plans, and include subsidies to encourage the use and implementation of this type of solution.

The great commitment to the deployment of electric vehicle charging points, a topic of active interest in most countries, is generating new business prospects for electric utilities. In order to successfully undertake this great challenge, it is absolutely necessary to adapt our services by offering to sell charging points to both government agencies and to customers who already have electric vehicles.

Circutor, as an electric mobility expert, has the most comprehensive range for charging electric vehicles, from residential solutions to ultra-fast charging systems for public roads.


Offer home charging stations to your customers

Help your customers implement electric vehicle charging solutions and expand your business by selling charging stations designed for public roads. The implementation of these solutions will help end users charge their electric vehicles in the shortest time possible so they can reach their destination.


Offer on-street charging stations

Increase your profits by selling charging points for electric vehicles to your residential customers, offering solutions tailored to any type of connector and charging mode.

Electric mobility

Help users who own electric vehicles reach their destination

The latest generation of electric cars, powered by batteries with capacities in excess of 60 kWh, allows for ranges that, under normal circumstances, are over 400 kilometres with each charge. For travelling longer distances without excessive delays at each charging stop, an infrastructure is needed that offers high power chargers. Installing ultra-fast charging stations will reduce user charging times, thus enabling long-distance travel with electric vehicles.

Circutor has fast charging systems up to 150 kW that can be installed on long-haul routes, where users expect to be able to charge their vehicles in the shortest possible time. Ultra-fast chargers speed up charging time, offering a reliable and robust solution, ensuring user comfort and creating a new business line for electric utilities, which can both install these devices and supply the necessary power.

Another important aspect is the management of internal vehicle fleets, since a large part of the budget is currently allocated to the mobility of employees. By installing semi-fast or slow charging points, you can avoid using fossil fuels and save money by using your own electric grid to charge your vehicle fleet.


Enhance the added value of the services you provide your customers

The current tariff system considers the use of special rates for those users that have an electric vehicle. As a result, a new area of business involves offering home charging points to users who want to change electricity plans to switch to an electric rate that is better suited to electric vehicles.

Circutor has a wide range of solutions for any type of consumer, offering charging stations that are perfectly suited to any user’s electric vehicle, whether it uses type 1 or 2 connectors, or directly via cable with a built-in connector. We invite you to get more detailed information for each of them.

Electric mobility

Solutions for every market need, from the charging requirements associated with parking spaces, to the ultra-fast charging solutions intended for long-distance trips.