Ultra-fast charging

Increase the range of any electric vehicle, in the shortest possible time, to reach any destination without any problems.

On long-distance trips, drivers need to park electric vehicles to recharge their batteries. One of the most critical aspects for electric vehicle users is being able to quickly recharge their battery when it is about to run out, thus guaranteeing a minimum range to complete their journey. This requires the use of DC charging systems, also known as ultra-fast charging systems, to increase the range of the electric vehicle in the shortest possible time. To do this, there must be publicly accessible charging stations both on motorways and on roads and municipalities, to meet the charging needs in any situation.

The inclusion of electric vehicles shows a clear commitment to improving the efficiency of cities by incentivising the use of vehicles with zero emissions and less noise pollution than combustion vehicles.

Explore the full range of Circutor ultra-fast charging solutions for any type of electric vehicle on the market.

Ultra-fast charging

Install charging points to quickly charge any vehicle

Quickly increase the battery charge level of any electric vehicle to make sure all your users will reach their destination without having to worry about the battery level. Circutor's solutions offer optimum recharging power for both existing vehicles and future models, thereby anticipating future market demands.

Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging for taxi and bus fleets

Taxis and buses are always on the go, which creates the need to be able to charge a fleet of vehicles in the shortest time possible in order to offer non-stop service to customers. CIRCUTOR has designed ultra-fast chargers with a charging capacity of 150 kW to minimise the charging time of any electric vehicle, thus ensuring the level of service to the public and the profitability of public and private transport.

Management and maintenance system

Easily bill the users of your charging points

Automatically checks the status of each charging point installed and sends alerts in real time to guarantee the service provided to the public. Records consumption information and automatically bills each user from the charging point itself.

City car parks

Charging points installed in cities are designed to function correctly in any weather conditions, and are also protected to prevent damage from vandalism.

Ultra-fast charging points

Install charging points to make sure all your users reach their destination

Electric vehicle charging points reduce charging times for any type of vehicle, so the user can decide whether to fully recharge for long-distance journeys, or recharge only as needed to finish their journey, and finish recharging at their home by means of AC chargers, usually at night.

These solutions can also be applied to mobility services, such as bus or taxi fleets. The wait time between services is usually limited, so ensuring an optimal charging level guarantees peak business performance. Installing ultra-fast charging points minimises charging time, so you always have the necessary resources to satisfy your customers' needs. As a result, you can maintain the level of availability of a fleet of vehicles for both public and private mobility businesses.

CIRCUTOR has a wide range of ultra-fast, on-street stations for charging any electric vehicle, delivering up to 150 kW of power via CHAdeMO or CCS Combo 2 connectors, greatly reducing user wait time. Our devices also allow for AC charging with power of up to 43 kW via type-2 connectors, adaptable to any vehicle. CIRCUTOR has a wide range of electric vehicle charging posts that can be installed outdoors, and feature anti-vandalism protection, RFID access and built-in 4G communications with the OCPP protocol for charging vehicles using alternating current.


Raption 50

Allows vehicles to be charged on the go when quick recharging is required and not enough power is available. Depending on the capacity of the batteries, it can provide a full or partial charge in a short time. The RAPTION 50 station works with powers of up to 50 kW, which allows it to be used in simpler installations and saves extra costs in special tariffs.

Raption 100

The RAPTION 100 quick charging units allow vehicles to be charged on the go when quick recharging is required. Depending on the capacity of the batteries, it can provide a full or partial charge in a short time at powers of up to 100 kW.

Raption 150

The RAPTION 150 chargers offer the fastest charging times on the market, thus making long journeys in an electric vehicle possible while offering comfortable and intuitive operation to users thanks to their design. With up to 150-kW recharging power, they are perfect for use in electric service stations or charging hubs. They are also the ideal solution for fleets of vehicles that have to remain in service for as many hours a day as possible, such as urban buses.

Point-of-sale (POS) terminal

Offer credit card payments to all your customers by using a POS terminal integrated into your Raption model.

Managing on-street recharging points

How to manage on-street charging points?

Ensuring the availability of charging points to users and managing the billing and maintenance system is one of the main aspects to consider in public charging facilities in cities.

Circutor’s on-street devices feature the OCPP protocol and integrated communications, normally 4G, to send data on the status of each charging point to the operator’s management software or public platform. Each point will send real-time information on its charging availability and status, letting users know where they can recharge their vehicles within a municipality. In addition, users and managers will always be informed of any incidents that prevent charging, thus reducing the time needed to resolve any maintenance issues.

The COSMOS platform is especially designed to manage multiple charging points in a municipality by providing real-time information on the available charging points, offering information on any incidents and managing the billing system remotely.


COSMOS Software

    Remotely manage your electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • Monitor the status of your charging infrastructure in real time
  • Check the current and past charges in your network of charging points
  • Generate customised consumption reports and facilitate payment for each charge
  • Receive alarms to warn you of any problems
  • Allows remote actions, such as starting/stopping the charge, resetting the device or viewing the internal log