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Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)


Improve the energy efficiency of a waste water treatment plant



Water treatment



Catalan Water Agency (ACA)



Efficiency improved after an 8.5% reduction in the (EnPI) kWh/m3 ratio of treated water



69,745 kWh/year (-8.6%)



€27,029 a year

Objective achieved:

Efficiency improved after an 8.5% reduction in the (EnPI) kWh/m3 ratio of treated water


With the implementation of a measuring, control and telemanagement system for Martorell's WWTP, the installation's electric energy management was improved, with energy ratio (EnPI) kWh/m3 savings of 8.6% and annual cost savings of €28,029, allowing payback on the investment in under 12 months.

The punctual control of the energy consumption of the electromechanical units and the detection of deviations in the specific electrical parameters measured (mainly current and voltage) enabled the adoption of a predictive maintenance program based on the early detection of breakdowns, which reduced the number of potential breakdowns and lengthened the useful life of units.

 Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)

Initial situation

The Catalan Water Agency, the water authority responsible for planning and executing the water policy of the Catalan government, has been implementing the Savings and Energy Efficiency Programme (PEEE in Spanish) in water treatment installations in Catalonia since the end of 2008.

As part of the actions of the PEEE, the Martorell Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Barcelona, which is managed by the Catalan Water Agency through the operating company, Compañía General de Aguas de Cataluña S.A., implemented actions to improve energy efficiency via measurement units and an energy telemanagement system, to significantly reduce energy consumption in the installations and extend the useful life of the main electromechanical units. This action received financial support from the Catalan Energy Institute. 

Before the improvement, the total energy consumption of the Martorell WWTP and Anoia Pumping Station, in the year between September 2010 and August 2011, was 1,123,716 kWh.


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