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Data processing centre. Success story


Improving the energy efficiency of a data processing centre






Data processing centre



PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

Most relevant results:

  • Savings: €8,000 per year
  • Investment: €6,000
  • Return on investment: 9 months

Target achieved:

Optimising the energy consumption, up to a PUE of 1.4

"By monitoring the actual power consumed, it was possible to reduce the amount of power contracted in some centres, achieving an annual reduction of €2,000 in the electricity bill"

More information about the solution:

The application comprised:

  • –A first screen of the single-line diagram type was used to check the real consumption and status of the system per line.
  • A second summary screen showed the calculation of performance, the preparation and display of reports with results for different periods (daily, weekly, monthly and annually )
  • In addition, the system allowed the definition of the minimum sizes of server groups, as well as the disconnection of unused capacity, always within the service levels.

Energy diagram. Data processing centre

Initial situation

The data centre has 100 kW of installed power with €80,000 in annual energy costs. Its managers prioritised the energy efficiency of the installations in order to reduce the monthly average energy consumption down to 72,000 kWh.

The main energy costs came from the computer and air conditioning systems. Consumption was constant, as the data centre ran on a 24/7 operation. There was no energy consumption forecast or comparison with similar data centres. They wanted to find out their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value and compare it with that of other data centres, so they could determine their current level of efficiency, as well as the factors needing improvement in the installation.


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