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REC3 / REC3C Series

Self-reclosing RCCB


Cod: REC3 / REC3C


The REC3 range includes 2 or 4-pole RCCBs associated with an intelligent reclosing motor, which enables the safe reclosing of its associated RCCB. The REC3C version can signal the protection and reclosing functions with 2 status outputs.

Compact unit, installed as a RCCB. No connections are required between the motor and RCCB.

The insulation reclosing mode is used in the case of high-sensitivity protection functions, so that the unit is only reclosed when the error that tripped it is resolved.

The timed reclosing mode is adopted in the case of lower sensitivities in electrically complex installations, in order to guarantee the continuity of the electric supply. The unit has a locking system that determines the operation in the manual or automatic mode (reclosing system enabled).




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