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RECmaxLPD Series

Earth leakage circuit breaker with self-reclosing system


Cod: RECmaxLPD


Self-resetting cut off device with circuit breaker and ultra-immunized earth leakage protection.

Programmable unit with display, which measures leakage currents (earth leakage protection), and orders the disconnection or reclosing of the circuit breaker (circuit breaker protection) through a motor that controls it mechanically. The leakage current measurement, IΔ, needs an external earth leakage transformer, which is supplied separately.

The assembly is regularly used in electrical, single-phase and three-phase installations that require high continuity of the electric supply. It has inputs/outputs which provide information and control on the state of the electrical installation where it is working.

LED display and backlit (LCD) display:


The RECmax LPd connected to the WGC toroidal transformers ensure earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with self-reclosing after an earth leakage, overload or shortcircuit trip.

It is a good solution for those infrastructures that are hard to control and monitor because of their location in the following control boards:


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