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MYeBOX: Portable network and power quality analyser

Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB

Ultimate accuracy in compensation

Not all installations need the same type of compensation unit

The ever more unbalanced systems together with the implementation of new digital energy meters capable of registering individual inductive and capacitive reactive energy in each of the phases has forced us to reinvent power factor correction.

Traditional capacitor banks do not guarantee reactive energy elimination

The use of traditional compensation systems, which measure on a single phase and compensating with three-phase capacitors, cause system overcompensation or under-compensation, and register reactive values from the company energy meter while failing to guarantee the elimination of penalties on the customers' bills.

Thanks to hybrid compensation (with 3 current transformers), the new system patented by CIRCUTOR allows us to compensate any kind of consumption with a fast connection of single-phase capacitors between phase and neutral using thyristors. These capacitors are replaced with three-phase capacitors when the three-phase demand is stabilised, thus leaving the single-phase capacitors ready for new fast compensation needs and/or imbalances in the mains.

A REALITY. Traditional capacitor bankTraditional capacitor bank

THE SOLUTION. Optim HYB capacitor bank

Optim HYB capacitor bank

Reinventing power factor correction

Hybrid capacitor banks

The changing in the world of mechanical energy meters for multifunctional digital energy meters, capable of measuring reactive energy phase-to-phase, is forcing us to change the concept of power factor correction.

In this new scenario, to guarantee complete elimination of penalties for reactive energy on user electricity bills, CIRCUTOR has patented its OPTIM HYB hybrid capacitor banks, capable of measuring like the company power meter and compensating the reactive energy individually on each of the phases.

€0 guarantee *

€0 guarantee


Three-phase measuring, the reply speed and the individual compensation by phase give us enough security to guarantee customers a €0 reactive item on their electricity bill.

* With correct unit selection and subject to CIRCUTOR's Guarantee Conditions.

Don't take risks with reactive energy

5 years warranty

Independently of the sector or the power consumed, today's electrical panorama means that we meet unbalanced loads in all kinds of installations.

CIRCUTOR's Optim HYB capacitor banks offer Exclusive Security with 0€* reactive energy penalties, and as we are confident about this, we give you a 5-year guarantee on the unit.

* With correct unit selection and subject to CIRCUTOR's Guarantee Conditions.


Reactive energy penalties in shops


Compensation of loads connected between phase and neutral (cooling, lighting, air conditioning…).


Catalogue: Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB


Datasheet of Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB (datasheet, manual, catalogue, etc.)


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New CEM series of multifunction energy meters for DIN rail connection

In an increasingly globalized world is essential to manage efficiently the electrical consumption. In addition, the steady increase in the price of energy creates to the users the need to find new formulas to manage their installations.

The new CIRCUTOR’s CEM series of multifunction energy meters provides all the essential information about the different consumption habits of an installation, helping to save money, resources and improving the installation’s electrical energy efficiency.

The new CEM family range is composed by single and three phase direct or indirect static meters to measure the active energy with Class B/1 (EN 50470/IEC 62052-21) and reactive energy with Class2 (IEC 62053-23), all installed on DIN rail format.

In addition, a CEM-M module can be easily coupled to the system, providing RS-485 communications with Modbus protocol to the system.


Data sheet of CEM multifunction energy meters (data sheet, manual, catalogues, etc.):



See our specialized article: When monitoring becomes managing


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CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors at special price

Heavy Duty capacitors price

CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors at special price


CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors will ensure:

Greater durability

  • ––Maximum quality in European propylene
  • ––Dielectric thickness optimised for longer duration

Greater continuity of service

  • ––Self-regeneration technology that ensures minimum loss of capacity
  • Internal fuse technology. Ensures disconnection of the capacitor preventing dangerous situations

Guaranteed safety

  • ––Overpressure safety system. To ensure the proper disconnection of the capacitor element
  • Inert gas technology. Complete elimination of fire risks and leakages.

CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors

CIRCUTOR cutting-edge technology

  • Greater current capacity: 1.8 x In, 2.5 x In short time
  • ––Greater tolerance to inrush currents: 400 x In
  • Longer lifetime: 150,000 h
  • ––Higher temperature resistance: -50/D, to 65 °C
  • ––More secure and safe: Inert gas
  • ––More efficient: the lowest losses in its class, only 0.4 W/kvar
  • Longer warranty: 4 years
  • ––Faster delivery: more than 15,000 units in stock
  • Altitude: until 4,000 meters above sea level
  Heavy Duty capacitors technology

Immediate delivery
Over 15.000 units in stock

Three-phase tubular power capacitor with faston terminal: CLZ-FPT Series
Three-phase tubular power capacitor with connection strip: CLZ-FP Series


Click here to download in pdf PDF format this promotion: es  en  fr  de  pt  pl



Consult our article to know the CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty technology


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The first step towards energy efficiency is no longer a matter of cost



Includes: EDS + CVM-NET4 + MC3

Control up to 4 different lines, (header, lighting, climate control, etc.) measure when, where and what you are consuming and reduce your consumption curve.

CVM-NET4 Analyzer + EDS + 3 MC3 Efficient transformers
CVM-NET4 Analyzer + EDS + 3 MC3 Efficient transformers



Includes: EDS + SMART III + TC *

Use the capacitor bank currently installed in your installation, replacing the current regulator with the Computer SMART III. This regulator has a built-in power analyzer which, connected to the EDS, can not only check the status of the capacitor bank, preventing penalties imposed due to reactive energy consumption, but also generate the general consumption curve of your installation.

* Choose 2 CT transformers with a ratio that matches that of the transformer installed in your installation.

Regulador Computer Smart III Regulator + EDS + 2 TC Measuring transformers
Computer Smart III Regulator + EDS + 2 TC Measuring transformers



Includes: EDS-3G + CVM-NET-MC + CBS-4-C + MC3 + WGS

Measures, controls and protects the 3 phases of your electric panel. Check the total consumption of your installation, protect each phase and guarantee the preventive maintenance of your installation.

Analizador CVM-NET-MC Analyzer + EDS-3G + CBS-4-C + 1 MC3-250 Measuring transformer + 3 WGC-25 Earth leakage transformers
Analizador CVM-NET-MC Analyzer + EDS-3G + CBS-4-C + 1 MC3-250 Measuring transformer + 3 WGC-25 Earth leakage transformers


Remotely group and control all parameters thanks to EDS/EDS-3G: a powerful energy manager with embedded PowerStudio, capable of displaying all electrical variables recorded by the power analyzers or other field devices with its built-in WEB and XML Server.


Related documentation and information: 


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Full range of Type B earth leakage protection and monitoring units

 CIRCUTOR extends the range for total earth leakage protection

All protection elements installed upstream must have the same or higher rating than those installed downstream, never lower, in order to guarantee the correct operation of the selective classification process. Therefore, if Type B is the maximum protection level of an element, a type A or AC unit cannot be installed downstream.

CIRCUTOR's range of Type B earth leakage protection units covers all the protection levels in your installation.

Why install Type B solutions?

Installing Type B earth leakage protection units ensures the safety of individuals and correct functioning for alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) or mixed current (AC/DC) intensities up to frequencies of 1 kHz.

Type A and AC earth leakage protection units do not detect smooth residual direct currents. Moreover, Type A units become more sensitive when a pulsating earth leakage current is accompanied by an smooth direct current. In these cases, protection is not as effective and compromises the expected safety levels.


Type B earth leakage protection and monitoring units:


See the catalog: Full range of Type B earth leakage protection and monitoring units


See our specialized article: The 3 essential rules for selectivity in earth leakage protection


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CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty Capacitor: Consolidated strength

For twenty years CIRCUTOR has been using gas impregnation technology which, together with other advances, provides the capacitors with what are known in the market as HEAVY DUTY features.

The capacitors permanently support 1.8 times the rated current, reaching 2.5 times RC, and can reach an inrush current of up to 400 times RC.

Class D of the IEC-60831, the low voltage capacitor manufacturing standard, sets a maximum working value of 55ºC, but the strength of the CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitor enables capacitors to work in extreme temperature conditions, occasionally supporting up to 65ºC, with this being another key feature in ensuring 150,000 h of useful life. All these features make CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors highly resistant and long lasting.


Know CIRCUTOR's Heavy Duty technology here


You can read our news in the news section.
You can also follow our publications on CIRCUTOR's Twitter account, and on LinkedIn.



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