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Award for CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser

CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser won the award for the most innovative unit at the OFF-GRID EXPERTS AWARDS.

On 25 and 26 September, the OFF-GRID EXPERTS AWARDS were presented in the German city of Memmingen. These awards recognise companies, institutions and individuals in the area of self-consumption installations isolated from the grid.

CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser, developed in collaboration with TTA – Trama TecnoAmbiental, was recognised as the most innovative product for self-consumption solutions isolated from the grid.

It is a single-phase meter with an electrical energy dispenser for controlling the demand. The electrical energy dispenser function is based on the patented concept of daily available energy, which allows users to intelligently manage the energy available in networks with limited or pulsing generation, such as the energy available from renewable energy sources.

This makes it the ideal unit for microgrids in rural environments with solar, wind or other sources of renewable energy.

The dispenser has already been used successfully in projects in Africa, where each energy connection in homes, small industrial users and schools is billed separately.


CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser

CIRCUTOR's Universal Energy Dispenser 


Example of application in Chad (Africa):



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CIRCUTOR at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015

CIRCUTOR took part in the Smart City Expo, from 17 to 19 November at the Fira Gran Via exhibition centre in Barcelona

Barcelona was capital of the smart cities during the Smart City Expo, an event at which the challenges of urban transformation that cities must face in the future in order to guarantee sustainability were presented and discussed.

CIRCUTOR, a company that is committed to sustainability and the environment, took part in the event in order to present solutions and systems specifically designed to contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency in cities:

Likewise, on 18 November at 5 p.m. at the stand of the Catalan Government, CIRCUTOR was part of the team that presented the POWERINHOUSE project.

POWERINHOUSE is a new energy management system that allows the use of 100% sustainable energy in houses anywhere in the world. In order to achieve this, it combines hardware and specialised electronics (CIRCUTOR) with domestic automation (Dassa) and customised development and construction plans (TBI).



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Discover PowerStudio Scada through new tutorial videos


CIRCUTOR provides you the new collection of video tutorials of our Energy Management Software: PowerStudio Scada.

Through a series of short videos you will learn what it is and how to start using PowerStudio SCADA without any prior programming knowledge. Viewing the new tutorials you will learn how to create a new application, add and configure new devices, create Scada screens, reports and user profiles management.

The new collection is available in our YouTube channel or through the following links:

Furthermore, using PowerStudio Scada you will also:

  • Make complete energy studies
  • Create production ratios/ EnPI's (energy consumption per unit produced)
  • Transform the information obtained into graphic and table formats

Combined with CIRCUTOR devices, PowerStudio Scada adapts to your needs for comprehensive monitoring and control of your installations.

Click on the following link to download PowerStudio Scada:


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More information: Practical training, POWERSTUDIO software tutorials


You can read our news in the news section.
You can also follow our publications on CIRCUTOR's Twitter account, and on LinkedIn.

Participation at the 3rd Passivhaus Portugal Conference in 2015

CIRCUTOR attending the upcoming Passivhaus Portugal 2015 Conference on 27 and 28 November in the Portuguese town of Aveiro

The Passivhaus Portugal 2015 Conference, organised by the Associaçâo Passivhaus Portugal - PHPT (the Portuguese affiliate of the International Passive House Association), is scheduled for 27 and 28 November at the Aveiro Cultural and Conference Centre (Portugal).

At the event, CIRCUTOR will be giving a talk on "Passive House and electrical mobility", presented by CIRCUTOR's Renewable Energies Department Manager Pere Soria, who will speak about the possibilities of integrating electrical mobility with self-consumption in Passive House buildings.



What is a Passive House building?

Passive House buildings reduce heating and refrigeration needs by 75%. The little supplementary energy they require can easily be covered with renewable energies, making them very low-cost buildings in terms of energy for both their owners and the planet as a whole.

This standard does not require the use of any specific product, material or architectural style, but concerns itself with optimising existing resources through passive techniques such as: having a good form factor to reduce the surface area in exposed to the exterior to reduce air conditioning needs; correct orientation of windows to take advantage of the heat of the sun when they are closed and natural ventilation when they are open; and installing shading devices to prevent overheating in summer.




More information about the Conference: Passivhaus Portugal 2015 Conference


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CIRCUTOR has participated in the Intelligent Building Exhibition (IBS) 2015

CIRCUTOR has participated in the Intelligent Building Exhibition (IBS) 2015, in Paris (France) from 7th to 8th of October. IBS is considered to be the most relevant exhibition of intelligent building systems.

CIRCUTOR, as a reference company in energy efficiency solutions, presented its new products and solutions for energy management.

Of all the products presented in the exhibition, we highlighted the new Wi-Beee , as an innovative product for the measurement of consumptions plus other relevant electrical parameters. Companies from all sectors came to our booth showing special interest in the new concept of measuring consumptions by using our Wibeee analyzer.

Its new hardware combined with our new powerful applications (APP for mobile or tablets combined with the cloud server) captured all their interest. We are proud to say that our Wibeee system was a complete success.

We also presented the CVM-NET4+ for branch monitoring solutions, combining the possibility of measuring single or three phase lines on a single device. Furthermore, to complete our monitoring solutions, we showed the new panel analyzer CVM-B with built-in EMS software being a special analyzer capable to integrate an internal software to control intelligent buildings.

There was also a lot of interest for the new range of power analyzers combined with our EMS software PowerStudio, offering the most complete monitoring system.

Throughout the event there were a lot of visitors at CIRCUTOR's stand. Hopefully future editions will be as prosperous as the present one.

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Upgrade your system! The latest version of PowerStudio is now available

CIRCUTOR offers you the new 4.0.5 version of the PowerStudio energy management software.

Once inside, you can find the updates of the following versions:

PowerStudio versions 

What’s new in the 4.0.5 version, we’d like to highlight the inclusion of new drivers which will surely help you complete your energy efficiency solutions. These are the new available drivers:

Furthermore, you can download the document informing of the changes made in relation to the previous version so you can check the new improvements.


  • Windows® service (it is not necessary to have a user session open for PowerStudio to communicate with the equipment)
  • Online display of equipment parameters (including electric parameters, process signals, temperatures, etc.)
  • Remote parameter setting
  • Real time graphic display
  • Historical records
  • Historical data represented in graphic and table format
  • Export of XML data (OPC and SQL with additional module)


You can download it at the following link:


You can read our news in the news section.
You can also follow our publications on CIRCUTOR's Twitter account, and on LinkedIn.



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