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New Webinars on Reactive Energy, Harmonic Filtering and Earth Leakage Protection

CIRCUTOR is broadening its free training offer with 3 new Webinars, to communicate the latest advances and new products in power factor correction, harmonics, filtering solutions and earth leakage protection.

Do not miss the opportunity to stay up to date and acquire new knowledge on these subjects.
CIRCUTOR is organising the following new Webinars:


This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the electrical system, in which the use of efficient technical and energy resources is becoming ever more imperative.

It is a current view of the electrical and technological aspects being used for power factor correction. It is essential to eliminate losses caused by the new kinds of loads being seen in installations.

Dates: 16 September, 15 October, 18 November or 4 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: POWER FACTOR CORRECTION AT LV Webinar


The seminar aims to demonstrate and explain the nature of harmonic disturbances to provide the basic knowledge to diagnose and analyse harmonics.

Dates: 18 September, 21 October, 20 November or 11 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: FILTERING HARMONICS AND SOLUTIONS Webinar


This webinar attempts to clearly and simply explain the operating principles of earth leakage protection systems, their principal features and how to correctly select and configure an earth leakage protection system.

We hope that this webinar helps attendees see the advantages, features and requirements of correct earth leakage protection, as well as the benefits offered by CIRCUTOR's range of smart earth leakage protection systems.

Dates: 23 September, 22 October, 25 November or 16 December (from 10.00 h to 11.00 h CET)
Choose your date and register now: UNDERSTANDING EARTH LEAKAGE PROTECTION IS EASY Webinar

Due to their technical and commercial nature, the webinars will be designed for:

• Installation engineers, installation companies
• Engineering firms
• Maintenance or operations technicians
• Energy service companies (ESCOs)
• Consulting firms or any other participant who wants to become familiar with this equipment and solutions


CIRCUTOR invites you to both its free face-to-face and online training sessions that it holds regularly. To register you can visit the calendar of seminars and conferences periodically updated on the website


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CDP-0: An essential element in any photovoltaic self-consumption installation

Constant increases in energy prices are leading more and more people to want to install a self-generation system with solar photovoltaic energy in their house or business to reduce energy dependence and reduce their current energy-consumption costs.

In 2013 CIRCUTOR developed the concept of the Dynamic Power Controller, an element that ensures zero injection to the mains. This has allowed CIRCUTOR to position itself as a leading company in the marketing of self-consumption systems and solutions.

Today, the CDP-0 has become an essential element in any photovoltaic self-consumption installation. In line with its objective of constant improvement, CIRCUTOR has now brought the version 2 of the CDP-0 firmware to market, which includes new features such as:

  • Ability to manage the major inverter brands
  • Web monitoring (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Ability to manage several inverters in a single installation
  • Double protection against network injection
  • Ability to download the *.csv file with historical data on consumption and generation via the Web

The new version of the CDP-0 firmware is available free of charge and allows users to update their units to incorporate these new features. Units sold from now on will come with this new version by default.

These new features have made the CDP-0 a useful element for installations with small consumption (homes, second residences and service buildings) and large consumption (companies and medium-sized industries with the space available to install photovoltaic generation systems).

For more information and examples about self-consumption installations, you can visit here our section.
Consult our Guide for legalising solar photovoltaic energy installations for self-consumption without injecting excess energy into the mains.

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Manage and control the maximum demand with the new MDC series

Due to the constant increase of the electricity price, all types of customers must find new formulas to reduce their electricity bill. To succeed in this, we are presenting our new power management system to control the maximum demand: MDC series (MDC 4 and MDC 20)


The main objective of the new CIRCUTOR MDC series is to manage and control the maximum demand of an installation. To achieve this objective, the device connects and disconnects some loads (non-critical ones) to ensure that the maximum demand will never be higher than the contracted power, avoiding electricity bill surprises. Moreover, the extended MDC 20 range, allows a tariff control to adjust the loads for being connected on periods with lower price, avoiding high consumptions due to loads simultaneity during high tariff price periods.


More information: New MDC series to manage and control the maximum demand


Article: How to avoid maximum demand penalties in your electricity bill


Full range of Class B earth leakage protection and monitoring units

 CIRCUTOR extends the range for total earth leakage protection

All protection elements installed upstream must have the same or higher rating than those installed downstream, never lower, in order to guarantee the correct operation of the selective classification process. Therefore, if Class B is the maximum protection level of an element, a class A or AC unit cannot be installed downstream.

CIRCUTOR's range of Class B earth leakage protection units covers all the protection levels in your installation.

Why install Class B solutions?

Installing Class B earth leakage protection units ensures the safety of individuals and correct functioning for alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) or mixed current (AC/DC) intensities up to frequencies of 1 kHz.

Type A and AC earth leakage protection units do not detect smooth residual direct currents. Moreover, Type A units become more sensitive when a pulsating earth leakage current is accompanied by an smooth direct current. In these cases, protection is not as effective and compromises the expected safety levels.


Class B earth leakage protection and monitoring units:


See the catalog: Full range of Class B earth leakage protection and monitoring units


See our specialized article: The 3 essential rules for selectivity in earth leakage protection


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CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty Capacitor: Consolidated strength

For twenty years CIRCUTOR has been using gas impregnation technology which, together with other advances, provides the capacitors with what are known in the market as HEAVY DUTY features.

The capacitors permanently support 1.8 times the rated current, reaching 2.5 times RC, and can reach an inrush current of up to 400 times RC.

Class D of the IEC-60831, the low voltage capacitor manufacturing standard, sets a maximum working value of 55ºC, but the strength of the CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitor enables capacitors to work in extreme temperature conditions, occasionally supporting up to 65ºC, with this being another key feature in ensuring 150,000 h of useful life. All these features make CIRCUTOR Heavy Duty capacitors highly resistant and long lasting.


Know CIRCUTOR's Heavy Duty technology here


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Presentación Plan Anti-Reactiva

Huge interest for energy efficiency at Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2014 Mexico

From 10 to 12 June, CIRCUTOR took part, as it does every year, in Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2014 Mexico, with good attendance from the public and a huge amount of interest in energy efficiency.

Special interest was shown in CIRCUTOR's new products, specifically the new Computer SMART III power factor regulator with power analyzer, and the new CVM-B 100/150 state-of-the-art power analyzers, the CVM-C10 compact power analyzer for panels and the CVM-C5 multi-function multimeter.

Electrical power analyzers
Computer Smart III regulator with new range of CVM-B and CVM-C electrical power analyzers

Visitors were also interested in CIRCUTOR's portable power analyzers as well as the CLZ-FP capacitors, due to its forthcoming manufacture in Mexico, with exclusive CIRCUTOR technology.

The market is also eagerly awaiting the imminent publication of the energy reform plan and therefore there was a lot of interest in self-consumption solar photovoltaic installations. Although there is still a high level of ignorance concerning the possible economic savings that these systems can achieve, numerous professionals are already interested in their benefits and installation.

Diagram of solar photovoltaic installationDiagram of solar photovoltaic installation

You can read our news in the news section.
You can also follow our publications on CIRCUTOR's Twitter account, and on LinkedIn.



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