PRIME PLC telemanagement for Smart Grid systems

Take advantage of the electricity grid itself to bill for energy and manage your users remotely using meters with the PRIME PLC system to reduce operational costs.

One of the greatest challenges for electric companies and energy distributors has to do with managing the supply and automatically gathering data on the energy use of customers in large cities or isolated towns.

The large number of residential users, businesses and small industries makes it impossible to install individual communication systems, such as GSM modems, to remotely acquire billing data on each customer, whether due to the excess cost associated with each user, the complexity of the communications systems or the location of the meters.

For this type of application, the best solution is to install meters that use PLC communications. This system relies on installing data concentrators at each transformer station to collect data from all the connected customers, and to interact with each meter to better manage each connection.

Circutor has the most complete range of meters that work with PRIME PLC communications for both indirect and direct consumption, with or without a built-in circuit breaker, to improve the management of all your customers.

PLC PRIME concentrator

Manage and invoice each customer remotely

Implementing PRIME PLC solutions for remotely managing meters allows electric utilities and energy distributors to access energy consumption data in installations that are difficult to reach, and to create automatic invoices without having to travel to the facility to manually download the readings. They can also manage each user's power supply quickly and efficiently.

PRIME PLC meters

Use the electric grid to bill your customers

Low-voltage meters account for the highest number of devices that energy distributors have to keep track of. The PRIME PLC system offers the most effective solution for remotely managing this type of meter. Modify any contract and use its internal relay to schedule the contracted power and sign up and cancel users remotely.

Smart Grids

Interoperability via the PRIME telemanagement system

The PRIME telemanagement system uses the low-voltage electrical grid to communicate with each meter, centralising the information in a single element, the data concentrator located in the transformer substation. This PLC concentrator becomes the manager of the entire low-voltage distribution network, receiving readings automatically from each meter, as well as providing control over any aspect of its configuration, whether to process a change in tariff, remotely adjust the contracted power, or manage a service disconnection or restoration by triggering the circuit breaker built into the meter itself.

The centralised management of all this information volume provides reliable data for doing energy balances, yielding an accurate picture of how the energy is consumed in a low-voltage distribution network, and for determining the level of losses in order to detect potential consumer fraud.

Interoperability with other manufacturers is an important aspect to consider. Circuit devices feature PRIME PLC technology, guaranteeing interoperability with multiple manufacturers and existing applications thanks to its open and public protocol.

The PRIME alliance incorporates multiple actors from the electricity sector to define interoperable solutions through a non-proprietary telecommunications architecture that gives shape to new telemanagement features, allowing the construction of a new system based on Smart Grids.

PRIME alliance
Telemanagement system

Member of the PRIME Alliance

PRIME PLC is an open and interoperable system that uses the low-voltage grid itself to communicate and manage the various energy measuring devices connected to it.

The PLC (Power Line Communications) system provides for a minimal infrastructure investment, since it uses modulated signals sent through the power grid itself.

PRIME concentrator

The best way to manage your users with PRIME PLC

Use Compact DC concentrators to remotely manage meters via PLC communications using the protocol standardised by the PRIME Alliance.

Gather all the information recorded by the meters, such as load profiles, daily or monthly consumption summaries, invoicing totals and even quality parameters and events that occurred at the measuring point. Manage your customers’ meters, whether it’s to modify their electricity plan, or to shut off or reconnect a user.


Indoor telemanagement cabinets

Complete telemanagement solution for transformer substations. The cabinets contain all the elements needed to remotely read and manage the concentrator and the meters connected to it. It also includes protection and measuring elements, making the cabinet robust and reliable.

Outdoor telemanagement cabinets

Complete telemanagement solution for pole-mounted transformers. Designed to add an enclosure that includes the measurement transformers, whether an individual model or the compact, three-phase solution, and which can incorporate a switching device.

Fraud detection

Detect theft in your customers' consumption