Telemetry for electricity invoicing

By automatically getting the electricity consumption readings of your customers, you can optimise the billing resources for hard-to-reach facilities.

Retrieving electricity usage readings from invoicing meters in hard-to-reach locations, or with large numbers of consumers, is a challenge to issuing correct electricity bills. The decentralisation of this type of consumer makes it difficult to access data from the meter, which introduces the need to install remote metering systems that can automatically download consumption information for invoicing.

By installing remote metering systems, you can centralise all your customers' consumption information, letting you conduct energy balances at each transformer and save on operational reading costs.


Meters for all types of installations

Measuring energy for invoicing requires installing certified meters that are capable of providing reliable energy readings.

CIRCUTOR has both direct and indirect measurement Cirwatt meters, with Class 0.2S, 0.5S (C) or 1 (B) accuracy for active energy with MID and IEC certificates, and multiple communication options, such as RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet.


Download billing meter data remotely

Implementing solutions for remotely reading invoicing meters allows electric utilities and power distributors to access energy consumption data in installations that are difficult to reach, and to create automatic invoices without having to travel to the facility to manually download the readings.

Remote readings

Invoice hard-to-reach customers remotely

By incorporating new automatic systems for reading meters remotely, you can get better performance from your current invoicing systems. The data that is automatically downloaded from meters at the end of the billing cycle provides accurate readings of each customer's energy consumption, which avoids having to make estimates. The result is monthly invoices that reflect the reality of each installation, saving you time and resources.

By connecting existing telecommunications networks to physical meters with devices like telephone modems or routers with IP technology, you can get reliable information on each customer's energy consumption. Installing remote metering equipment solves the problem of obtaining consumption data, since all the information will be transmitted automatically to your internal billing system without any human intervention.

Circutor has a wide range of meters with different features, in terms of both their accuracy and communication ports, as well as modems and converters for connecting them to remote control systems.

IEC60870 Protocolo Modbus

IEC 60870 and Modbus

Circutor's meters use the IEC 60870-5-102 protocol for downloading and monitoring electricity usage, billing cycles and events. Relies on the user port to monitor electrical variables in real time using the Modbus protocol.


Connect remotely to invoicing meters using modems with GSM or 3G communications, or Ethernet routers.