Power factor correction

Increase the performance of your transport and distribution systems and help your customers lower their electricity bills by consuming efficiently.

Installing medium-voltage batteries can optimise electrical transmission lines. One of the handicaps we come across in energy transport is controlling the voltage level on the various transmission lines. The solution to this problem lies in regulating the voltage at the outlet of the substation by connecting capacitors, which increases the voltage and compensates for the drops typical of transmission lines. Installing medium-voltage capacitor banks helps to correctly regulate the voltage level, avoiding losses when transporting electricity and improving the efficiency of the infrastructure.

Another relevant aspect is improving low-voltage distribution lines and helping customers avoid reactive power consumption. Reactive compensation improves the efficiency of distribution systems, the useful life of transformers and improves the capacity of customer installations. Install your own compensation system and open a new area of business for your company by implementing reactive power compensation systems for all your customers.

Medium-voltage compensation

Stabilise and compensate your transport lines

Installing medium-voltage batteries avoids the loss of capacity on the transmission lines, from the substation to the distribution system, and helps to stabilise voltage levels by optimising system performance and avoiding energy losses.

Low-voltage compensation

New business perspective

Offer your customers a recommendation, maintenance and installation service for capacitor banks and static var generators to avoid penalties for both inductive and capacitive reactive power.

Add this business line to your company's services to obtain greater profits and to improve the efficiency of your transformers and distribution lines, while helping your customers avoid penalties and optimise their electrical installations.

Power factor correction

The benefits of power correction in Medium-Voltage lines.

Installing Medium-Voltage capacitor banks is the ideal solution for managing your transmission system, as it allows capacitors to be connected and disconnected, depending on the load status of the network. Connecting fixed capacitors could lead to over-correction, resulting in overvoltages during off-peak hours. However, correction by connecting different steps (capacitors) allows making adjustments based on the instantaneous power in the network, avoiding over-correcting and optimising the available resources.

Another key aspect to take into account is the loss of capacity of the transport lines from the substation to distribution system due to consumption generated by inductive loads, which makes it impossible to take advantage of all the active energy generated. Capacitor banks can be installed at the outlet of the substation to bring the power factor to unity, making the value of the active energy approach that of the apparent energy, avoiding energy losses in the transmission system, and increasing the efficiency of an installation.


Discover new areas of business for your company

Add a new area of business to your company by offering a solution to your customers’ need to correct for their consumption of reactive energy, whether inductive or capacitive, which can result in higher electricity bills. Creating a service to sell reactive energy correction devices will allow you to increase the added value in the services your company offers its customers.

Accordingly, we propose a paradigm shift by, instead of penalising customers for their consumption, helping them save on their bills by offering a quality service associated with the sale, recommendation and maintenance of power factor correction solutions. This new formula is a win-win-win scenario in which you can improve the efficiency of your distribution system, enhance your customers’ loyalty, and expand your company’s business by exploiting new service niches.

Inductive and capacitive power factor correction

Inductive power factor correction

Install medium-voltage batteries to improve your transport and distribution networks, as well as low-voltage batteries to correct the power factor in both your transformer substations and your customers' installations. Wide range of low-voltage solutions with devices designed for all types of load variations in installations with or without harmonics present.

Inductive and capacitive power factor correction

Install the SVGm static var generator to correct both capacitive and inductive energy in any type of network. It is designed using power electronics, meaning it can be installed in networks with a high presence of harmonics without affecting its operation and with minimal maintenance.


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