Supervision and management of transformer substations

Monitor the operation of low-voltage distribution panels, do energy balances, prevent electricity fraud and troubleshoot more effectively in your transformer substations.

The supervision and management of transformer substations is vitally important, as it makes it possible to receive data on the electrical parameters and energy consumption of low-voltage distribution lines, providing relevant information for energy balance sheets, detecting consumer fraud, and identifying incidents in real time that may affect their performance. An incident at this point in the network will have a high cost associated with it, either due to a service outage or potential claims from end users.

CIRCUTOR has a product line that is designed to monitor transformer substations, both for managing line consumption at each transformer substation, and for detecting quality problems that can affect your installation and your customers.


Monitor all the parameters in your transformer substation

Optimize the performance of your transformer substations by measuring energy consumption and electrical parameters in real time at each low-voltage output in order to quickly identify and solve any problems by easily identifying the affected line. Guarantee the quality of your service by logging power quality parameters.


Manage any power quality incidents

Use the R-SABT advanced remote monitoring system to detect any power quality event that might affect the continuity of your service as per IEC Standard 61000-4-30, and monitor the status and consumption of each low-voltage output in your transformer substation.

Advanced monitoring

Monitor all the parameters in your transformer substation

Installing advanced monitoring equipment in transformer substations, known as SABT solutions, can add value to the control system by providing real-time information on energy consumption on each distribution line, as well as on the status of the safeguards associated with each low-voltage output.

By installing the remote R-SABT, together with the T-SABT cards, you can get data on the consumption at the low-voltage outputs, which you can use to calculate the total energy supplied by the substation. This data, when compared to the sum of the energy readings of the invoicing meters installed for each user, will give you useful information for reviewing the distribution of consumption in each line, and for tracking any energy losses. This makes it possible to create an indicator to show whether the difference between consumption and generation is only due to technical losses in the distribution line, when the percentage is low, or due to possible energy fraud, when this percentage is high.

The SABT system can be used to detect problems and inefficiencies that can affect the correct performance of the substation and increase the associated maintenance and service costs. The system automatically identifies the status of the fuses at the low-voltage outputs, which lets you act quickly when the fuse trips, minimising the economic impact that a supply failure can cause. The system also provides instant temperature readings for each low-voltage outlet, which you can use to compare the status of each distribution line. The system will warn you if there is a rapid increase in one of them, which could end up affecting service continuity.

The advanced monitoring system includes direct measurement devices, which can be installed in both newly-commissioned transformer substations, and in existing substations during a scheduled outage. For those substations already in operation, solutions are installed using split-core current transformers so as not to affect service continuity to your customers.


How to manage low-voltage lines in transformer substations

The T-SABT advanced monitoring cards are measurement devices that are integrated into the transformer substations and record energy and electrical parameters on each low-voltage line. With this information, the system is able to manage the total consumption on each line and troubleshoot any problems in the shortest possible time by connecting directly with the remote R-SABT.

The measurement is made by connecting the T-SABT to modules installed in series on the flat strips of each output of the low-voltage panel, taking up the smallest possible space. They can also be connected directly into the advanced monitoring cabinets (CMBT-SABT) without having to take them offline, since the current measurement is performed by means of open-core transformers on each low-voltage line.


CMBT-SABT-INT cabinets

The CMBT-SABT cabinets are designed for easy installation in transformer substations. They take up as little space as possible and include connection terminals for quick installation and start-up. Version available with T-SABT cards to measure energy and electrical parameters with no power interruptions.


Glass-reinforced polyester cabinet with IP 66 protection for indoor/outdoor installation in transformer substations for monitoring up to nine distribution lines through T-SABT cards (custom configuration for each transformer substation).


Tracking the electrical parameters of your transformer substations allows you to stay on top of their performance at all times and save on operating costs.


Analyze any quality problems that may affect your installation and customers

By installing the remote R-SABT in transformer substations, you can detect sporadic quality events, as defined in IEC 61000-4-30, such as overvoltages, dips or interruptions, and quantify the type of event and its duration in order to install systems that can mitigate its impact on production, as well as file claims with insurance companies for any damage caused by poor power quality.