Digitisation through Energy Management Systems improves your competitiveness, optimises your energy consumption and manufacturing systems.


We help improve industry efficiency in highly diverse environments

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Analysis of installations

Improvement through data gathering

The preventive actions, savings and decision-making of any industry rely on analysis as an essential element.

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Service continuity

How to avoid production outages

Ensuring service continuity has a direct impact on productivity indexes.

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Energy Savings

Lower your electric bill at the end of the month

Avoiding penalties for consuming reactive energy and excess demand guarantees you won't have any surprises in your electric bill.

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Consumption & Power Quality

Avoid problems that affect the efficiency of your installation.

Consumption and power quality are essential to prolonging the useful life of your installation, avoiding production outages and indirect costs.

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Self-consumption & EV charging

Save by generating your own electricity and charging any electric vehicle.

Installing photovoltaic self-consumption systems, together with electric vehicle charging systems, mitigates the impact of CO2 emissions and helps reduce your electricity bill while promoting environmental sustainability.

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Optimise your installation by digitising your energy efficiency system.

  • Find out how, where and when you consume energy
  • Monitor all your devices in real time
  • Set up SCADA displays and graphs and export the data
  • Optimise all your regulation and control systems
  • Get notified of any alarm in real time
  • Improve your process indicators


Manage your installation