Ensuring the continuity of your service, quantifying consumption, managing incidents and controlling cooling systems lets you optimise the performance of your facility.


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Service continuity

Ensure the continuity of your service to all your customers.

The uncontrolled tripping of an electrical safeguard can entail huge economic consequences, directly affecting the quality of the service you provide your customers.

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Energy consumption analysis

Quantify your consumption, assign costs and correct inefficiencies

Analysing how much energy your facility consumes lets you quantify the energy resources associated with your service, and identify and correct consumption inefficiencies.

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Control & supervision

Improve the efficiency of your cooling systems

By automatically controlling your HVAC systems through free-cooling, you can improve the energy efficiency of your installation, thus reducing energy consumption. The implementation of telemanagement systems ensures continuity of supply through remote action.

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Save energy

Lower your electric bill

Compensating reactive energy avoids penalties in your electric bill and enhances the performance of your installation.

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Service Quality

Track any external incidents that may affect your service

By identifying problems with your electricity supply, your backup systems can automatically go into operation to avoid the economic impact of a service outage, and you can also file claims for damage to your installation.

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Inst. self-consumption

Consume the energy generated in your own facility

Take advantage of solar energy as an unlimited source of power to optimise the efficiency of your installation, reduce your grid consumption and maximise your savings.

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Improve your facility management by digitising all your systems

  • Control your facilities remotely to ensure the availability
    of your services.
  • Manage all the consumption in your facility.
  • Automate your cooling systems.
  • Track the energy efficiency of your
    computer systems (PUE).

Manage your installation