The CIRCUTOR PRIME PLC Concentrator and the key to its success

admin | 8 de April de 2014

What does it mean for electricity distribution companies to have a completely approved PLC PRIME concentrator? Which PRIME PLC Concentrator has most successfully passed the independent tests of the Energy Technology Institute (ITE)?

In this article we will see how, in addition to having complete approval, it is essential to obtain the best results in a series of tests, performed by a top independent entity like the ITE. These tests are also focused on the parameters of most interest to distribution companies: the concentrator should offer maximum energy meter availability, regardless of who makes the smart meters.

Concentrator PLC PRIME SGE-PLC1000

PRIME PLC concentrator SGE-PLC1000 of CIRCUTOR completely approved

Why are we sure that the CIRCUTOR concentrator will meet all of your needs?

The PRIME PLC concentrator is completely approved

With the complete approval of the PRIME PLC concentrator SGE-PLC1000 of CIRCUTOR energy distribution companies, have a unit that offers maximum reliability and safety when collecting data and managing a network of smart meters.

This concentrator has achieved all of the certifications required by the PRIME Alliance, and has passed all of the different tests specified by the different utilities.

The PRIME PLC concentrator has passed IBERDROLA's STG-DC conformity tests performed by DNV-GL (KEMA)

What is the STG-DC test?

The STG-DC is the test that ensures the implementation of the communications protocol between the concentrator and the telemanagement system (STG) used by a utility.

The test consists of simulating utility telemanagement software, which makes a series of requests to the concentrator to examine the behaviour of the concentrator.

Concentrator interconnectionConcentrator interconnection with an energy meter network by PLC and STG systems

Therefore, in addition to being completely approved, CIRCUTOR was the first manufacturer to pass the IBERDROLA STG-DC conformity test for its SGE-PLC1000 concentrator with PRIME PLC technology for reading and managing smart meters. After a long approval process established and standardised by IBERDROLA, we are proud to report that it is fully certified for PRIME PLC applications.

Summary of the report on the IBERDROLA STG-DC conformity certification test performed by DNV-GL (KEMA) on the CIRCUTOR SGE-PLC1000 PRIME PLC concentrator


Obtaining this certification for the PRIME SGE-PLC1000 Concentrator is another step towards the standardisation and interoperability of the PRIME system, which is used by a great many energy distribution companies both in Spain and abroad.

The PRIME PLC concentrator has achieved the maximum qualification in “Test A”, performed by the ITE

The ITE test attempts to reproduce the real conditions of electrical distribution lines with energy meter centralisation, representative wiring lengths, different levels of attenuation and injection of attenuating noise.

For CIRCUTOR the results achieved were truly satisfying. Specifically in the two most important categories for electrical energy distribution companies:

Topology: Average availability (energy meters connected) = 100%


Long cycles: Average availability (energy meters connected) = 98,95%


comparative benchmarking of PRIME Concentrators

Summary of comparative benchmarking of PRIME Concentrators showing the two most important categories for utilities (Column A: CIRCUTOR PRIME PLC concentrator). Irrelevant data eliminated for greater clarity.

Other certifications achieved which complete the series of tests required for the approval of the concentrator are:

Conclusions for distributors and utilities

To take a correct reading of the energy meter network,, any distributor and electrical company must ensure that PRIME concentrator units have:

As we have seen in this article, the PRIME PLC Concentrator SGE-PLC1000 from CIRCUTOR perfectly meets these requirements.

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