Success at the Automobile Trade Fair in Barcelona

admin | 24 de May de 2019

The Barcelona Motor Show, known since 2017 as Automobile Barcelona, held its centenary this year. It is undoubtedly the leading trade fair for Spain's automotive industry

Circutor attended the event once again, showing its commitment to sustainable mobility and the environment by showcasing its range of EV (electric vehicle) charging solutions.

In fact, the 2019 edition particularly focused on the current trend towards sustainable mobility, with vehicles powered by electric motors making up a large part of the exhibition areas. A good example of this was the Volkswagen Group's stand, where the latest innovations from the German multinational were unveiled, with clearly futuristic, all electric vehicles that already exist. In fact, Volkswagen has announced the launch of 20 entirely electric models by 2020.

The Volkswagen Group's approach is just another example of this tendency, and other brands present at the show are pursuing the same strategy. All the concept cars on display at Automobile are powered by entirely electric means, and many of the standard models showcased are hybrid versions already available on the market.

This reflects just how conscious main manufacturers in the car industry are of the importance of shifting towards a sustainable mobility approach.

Over recent years, the above-mentioned trend has turned into a race to devise solutions to charge this type of vehicle, a race that Circutor has been leading for 10 years.

In the 2019 edition, Circutor unveiled its latest innovations in electric vehicle charging, offering new options for home or domestic charging.

The eNEXT Wallbox, award winning device at the latest Matelec trade fair, is a step further in terms of connectivity and user interface. It features a wireless authentication system to allow an EV owner to start charging without even touching the device. It also includes the possibility to control charging by using an app on the owner's mobile device, which enables access to charge configuration, monitoring and statistics regarding device usage.

The new eNEXT comes in 3 versions, offering different features according to installation needs, with an output power range of up to 22kW:

As well as the new domestic charger, the rest of Circutor's wide-ranging charging stations were also on display at the company's stand, ranging from home to fast on-street charge points, as well as semi-fast charging for multi-user indoor or outdoor car parks.

One of the main advantages of Circutor's range of EV charging solutions is that the devices may be smartly and remotely managed thanks to the software environment developed by the company, such as CirBeOn and DLM (Dynamic Load Management). Thanks to which, the person in charge of multi-user charging stations is able to ensure optimum, balanced consumption, and keep the power consumed below the contracted rate; tripping of protections or surcharges in contracted power, depending on the type of installation, are also possible to avoid.

The 100th anniversary of Automobile Barcelona came to an end with a remarkable attendance at Circutor's stand, once again illustrating the synergy between manufacturers and fans of the car industry and companies developing EV charging systems.


On behalf of everyone working at Circutor, we would like to thank the interest shown in our products and congratulate Automobile Barcelona for such excellent organisation on its 100th anniversary. See you at the next event!