Spain ranks fifth for electric vehicle charging points

admin | 29 de January de 2019

Electric cars are an increasingly frequent sight in our cities. Spain is now the fifth most prolific country in Europe for zero-emission vehicles.

FD 5pais VE cargadorWhen sales of these vehicles began to take off, there were not so many charging points as there are now. Spain now has 3,856 public charging points for electric cars.

It is thanks to those charging points that Spain has the fifth largest infrastructure globally for these vehicles. The data were collected by Unieléctrica, based on figures from and the Spanish Institute of Statistics.

The United States occupies first place for infrastructure, followed by France in second, Germany in third and Holland in fourth.

New users of electric cars are recommended to find out all possible information from institutions and to ask in dealerships. Primary, they must be sure before buying whether they can charge their vehicle adequately in their location. The availability of charging points varies across the country. For example, in the region of Catalonia there are 939 charging points, and in Madrid there are 453.

Eco-friendly cars are becoming more popular across the globe. Numerous Governments across the world are supporting sustainable mobility. What once seemed impossible is now a reality; many companies are pursuing eco-friendly transport, and the number of private charging points is on the rise.

How do I charge my electric car?

All you need to do is connect your car to a charging point. You can usually find the cable in the boot of your electric vehicle. Once it is connected, the charging programme will begin automatically. The LED lights will indicate when charging begins and some cars have a charging current programme.

For the optimum charging of the battery of your electric car, you should be aware of the two different types of plugs. Around 30 models of zero-emission vehicles on the market have a type 2 “Mennekes” plug, which has been EU standard since 2013, designed by the alternative electrical charging company Mennekes.

For a quick charge, the Japanese electrical and automotive industry developed for 2019 the CHAdeMo connector. It is mostly used in Asia, but certain European electric car models are now using this kind of plug.

If you have an adaptor you can also charge your electric car battery at home, but only in an emergency, because domestic electricity infrastructure is not suitable for extended charging.

Recommendations for charging zero-emission vehicles

Tipo 2 ó Mennekes (IEC 62196-2)To fully charge your electric car battery, you need to ask two key questions: What kind of charging? What kind of plug?

Choose the charging mode (full or quick) according to your needs.
Get to know the models of electric cars and charging points in your city.

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