Solar Award 2014 for photovoltaic installation supplied by CIRCUTOR

admin | 18 de December de 2014

The Solar Awards 2014, given by EUROSOLAR (European Association for Renewable Energies) recognise the innovative projects and initiatives that use renewable energies in different award categories.

In its thirteenth edition, the Solar Award 2014 for farming companies and farmers using renewable energies went to Pàmies Hortícolas SL for their self-generation photovoltaic solar installation and zero network injection project (15.8 kW).

The awarded photovoltaic solar project

The awarded system, which is supplied in whole by CIRCUTOR, is composed of 66 photovoltaic modules of 240 Wp and 3 single-phase inverters of 6 kW. Each inverter converts the solar energy gathered by 22 modules and injects it into one of the phases of the three-phase system. The CDP-0 dynamic power control assigns a maximum production setpoint to each inverter to get the most out of the system without any risk of producing reverse current in any phase.


Further information on the awarded Pàmies Hortícolas photovoltaic solar project


Further information on the CDP-0: An essential element in any photovoltaic self-consumption installation


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