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Continually innovating in earth leakage protection and monitoring

CIRCUTOR offers units that self-manage anomalous and random situations in electric installations, minimising the effects of electric shut-downs and fostering energy savings. 




RCCB with self-reclosing earth leakage switch. Maximum continuity

The REC 3C family of type A RCCBs (IEC 61008.1) with 2 or 4 poles associated to a smart reclosing motor enables safe automatic reclosing of the RCCB. The REC 3C can signal protection and reclosures externally through 2 status outputs.

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RCCB with self-reclosing earth leakage switch




Electronic monitoring and earth leakage protection relay. Intelligent protection within your reach

The earth leakage relay RGU2 is an electronic unit with two modules that can be used for ultraimmunised earth leakage protection against direct and indirect contacts and as a monitor for displaying leakage current . Programmable with LCD display and LED bar that indicates the installation’s existing level of leakage. Foresees possible earth leakage trips with a prealarm output.

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Electronic monitoring and earth leakage protection relay




Type B electronic earth leakage monitoring relay. Full monitoring within your reach.

RCM. Type B universal earth leakage monitor (IEC 62020) (AC, DC, AC/DC, with LCD screen that displays the instantaneous leakage current with a WGC-TB earth leakage transformer. Enables remote signaling with outputs through potential free contacts.

Prevents possible earth leakage protection triggers in any installation that may have important current leakages with a DC component (IEC 60755). Apt for single-phase or three-phase installations, with or without a neutral.

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Type B electronic earth leakage monitoring relay



REC max

New range of reclosing devices. Earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with automatic reclosing systems, telemanage your installation

Self-rearming cut-off device that incorporates both circuit breaker protection and ultra-immunised earth leakage protection. Programmable unit with display, which measures leakage currents (earth leakage protection), and orders the disconnection or reclosing of the circuit breaker (circuit breaker protection) through a motor that regulates it mechanically. Leakage current measurement, IΔ, needs an external WGC earth leakage transformer, supplied separately.

More information RECmaxP:
Self-reclosing motorized circuit breaker (up to 63 A)

More information RECmaxMP:
Motorized circuit breakers, up to 63 A

More information RECmaxLPD:
Earth leakage circuit breaker with self-reclosing system