New CIRCUTOR product and large influx of visitors at Intersolar (Munich)

admin | 2 de June de 2014

CIRCUTOR presented at Intersolar (Munich) from 2 to 4 June the new inverter with the battery charging option, in line with the European self-consumption market.

CIRCUTOR was present at this year's edition of Intersolar, held in Munich from 2 to 4 June, showcasing the New Inverter for photovoltaic installations with battery storage management. This first 4 kW nominal power unit with 48 V 80 A battery charging and discharging capacity is equipped with new components:

The exhibition attracted more than 44,000 visitors and confirmed market interest in Europe for self-consumption applications with battery storage management as the natural progression of this sector after the end of the programme of premiums for the production of solar power for its injection in distribution lines.

 Self-consumption inverter with storage management functions


ISTG. Self-consumption inverter with storage management functions

The ISTG is a family of inverters for self-consuming photovoltaic installations with capacity for managing energy storage in batteries for supplying loads when the solar generator’s instantaneous power is insufficient.

More information: Inverter with accumulation MPPT management



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