MYeBOX® Class A calibration certificate according to IEC 61000-4-30

admin | 20 de June de 2018

The range of MYeBOX® power quality analyzer has a calibration certificate in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.

All new class A models have an official certificate issued by the CIRCE Foundation, ensuring the accuracy and quality of CIRCUTOR products. This body has ENAC accreditation to perform calibrations on DC electricity and low frequency both in the field and in the laboratory.


All MYeBOX® Class A analyzers have an individual calibration certificate for manufacturing the device according to the voltage conditions of the IEC 61000-4-30 standard and those related to the IEC 61557-12 standard, issued by CIRCUTOR official laboratory. These standards become relevant for the installation of portable devices for carrying audits according to ISO 50001.

Download the official certificates from the following links:


Class A certified models:

MYeBOX-A. Portable power analyzer with recording of quality events and transients Calibration Certificate (IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.2) Class A
Type Code Clamp Measuring
Kit MYeBOX-150 M840230000A00 - 4 - - WIFI
Kit MYeBOX-1500 M840330000A00 - 5 2 2 WIFI + 3G

Portable analyzer kits with current sensors
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R45 M8404B0000A00  3 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R45 M8405B0000A00 3 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R45 M8404C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R45 M8405C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R80 M8404D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R80 M8405D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R80 M8404E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R80 M8405E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPG-100 M840430000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPG-100 M840530000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPRG-500 M840450000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPRG-500 M840550000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI + 3G 
Analyzer with built-in SD memory and Cloud. Includes voltage cables, alligator clips, USB cable, fastening strap, magnetic support, battery, power supply and carrying bag. Please contact us for other clamp or clamp length combinations.




More information: MYeBOX®. Portable power analyzer