Huge interest for energy efficiency at Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2014 Mexico

admin | 27 de June de 2014

From 10 to 12 June, CIRCUTOR took part, as it does every year, in Expo Eléctrica Internacional 2014 Mexico, with good attendance from the public and a huge amount of interest in energy efficiency.

Special interest was shown in CIRCUTOR's new products, specifically the new Computer SMART III power factor regulator with power analyzer, and the new CVM-B 100/150 state-of-the-art power analyzers, the CVM-C10 compact power analyzer for panels and the CVM-C5 multi-function multimeter.

Electrical power analyzers
Computer Smart III regulator with new range of CVM-B and CVM-C electrical power analyzers

Visitors were also interested in CIRCUTOR's portable power analyzers as well as the CLZ-FP capacitors, due to its forthcoming manufacture in Mexico, with exclusive CIRCUTOR technology.

The market is also eagerly awaiting the imminent publication of the energy reform plan and therefore there was a lot of interest in self-consumption solar photovoltaic installations. Although there is still a high level of ignorance concerning the possible economic savings that these systems can achieve, numerous professionals are already interested in their benefits and installation.

Diagram of solar photovoltaic installationDiagram of solar photovoltaic installation

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