Have you heard about the self-reclosing RCCB REC3?

admin | 25 de July de 2016

You don’t have to throw more food away from your fridge after a weekend getaway.

Who never has come late at home on Sunday after spending weekend away with the family? This weekend getaway that you really needed to disconnect from work, you have just arrived at home, wishing to sit on your couch ... wait a minute! You have to clean the fridge...

By installing our self-reclosing RCCB REC3, you won’t worry about the power off again, don’t be afraid if food spoils

REC3 have a self-reclosing system which automatically returns the power when you have a power failure. If it detects that the problem persists, REC3 open the circuit permanently to keep safe your installation.

REC3 is smart, simple, easy to use and especially safe; is the solution that will make your life easier. Don't worry if the power is off, REC3 restores it.

And enjoy your weekend!


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