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admin | 15 de March de 2016

Reactive energy efficiency kit

It benefits from the attractive payback of a capacitor bank and features a built-in energy efficiency system.

CIRCUTOR's capacitor banks can feature the Reactive Energy Efficiency Kit as an option. It is composed of a reactive energy regulator, which also acts as a powerful power analyzer, an EDS energy efficiency manager with an embedded SCADA application, designed for energy management, and a web server.

The main advantages of installing the Reactive energy efficiency kit are:

Reactive energy efficiency kit

Essential energy efficiency kit

The easiest way to control and reduce your consumption.

The Essential Energy Efficiency kit is a compact unit that hosts 5 power analyzers to measure and control energy.

The embedded SCADA application of the EDS provides data to the user about how and when the main energy is being consumed in real time (on-line) or time-delayed (off-line), showing and recording all vital information to perform energy analyses, with the purpose of reducing or eliminating unnecessary consumption.

The main advantages of installing the Essential energy efficiency kit are:

Essential energy efficiency kit


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