Do you know how to compensate instantaneously without worrying about harmonics?

admin | 15 de March de 2018

For all those installations where it is necessary to compensate instantaneously reactive energy, both inductive and capacitive without the need to install power capacitors, the solution is SVG series (Static Var Generator).

There are very particular cases where conventional capacitor banks cannot compensate the totality of the installation's reactive power or are not able to work properly due to network characteristics. The new SVG devices are capable of compensating instantaneously reactive energy in order to make an accurate adjustment of the cosϕ, avoiding penalties in the electric bill for both excess reactive inductive and capacitive energy (depending on the tariff system of each country).

The principle of operation of a Static Var Generator is to inject current in the opposite direction to that consumed by the installation, adjusting the cosϕ instantaneously, with a response time of 20 ms. In this way the device avoids the installation of power capacitors and all possible resonance effects in the network (increase of THD% level) that can damage the components of the installation.

This makes SVG ideal for its installation in situations where conventional equipment cannot compensate or work properly:

  • Installations with fluctuating loads
  • Installations with capacitive loads
  • Installations with unbalanced consumption (difference in consumption on each phase)
  • Installations with high harmonic distortion levels (THD%)
  • Lines with constant voltage fluctuations




More information: SVG. Static Var Generator  


video SVG
Video SVG. Static Var Generator