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admin | 6 de November de 2017

Manage all your devices in real time from the cloud

The new update of the MYeBOX® Cloud platform is now available, from which any registered user can control and manage their MYeBOX® portable network analyzers.

MYeBOX®. Connect to efficiency with the new audit system

The platform stops being a repository of files to become a system for the management and audit of MYeBOX® portable analyzers. All the new features are:

Management of MYeBOX® devices

MYeBOX® Cloud allows you to connect with each device, as long as it is connected to the Internet, either through WI-FI or 3G. In addition, it can simultaneously display all the connected devices in a single screen or interact individually with each one being able to perform the following actions:

Real time parameters graphs
Real time parameters graphs
Monitoring of stored files
Monitoring of stored files
Remotely start a recording file
Remotely start a recording file
Real time phasor diagram
Real time phasor diagram

Users management

MYeBOX® Cloud platform adds a new feature to the complete management of users and enterprises. Any connected device has full traceability to manage the connection of one or more users with different levels of privileges by assigning them to one or more company accounts.

The new profiles are defined as follow:

Users management
Standard user

The user with a standard profile has access to the platform, to all their MYeBOX® devices and to all the files that have been previously shared. This account is ideal for users who have one or more devices, which can be managed individually without having to share them with any other user.

However, a standard user will always be able to share files with other people, even if they are not cloud users, by sending them a direct link to download files.

Enterprise root

The user with an enterprise root profile can manage all MYeBOX® devices already registered in the cloud and manage users within their company. These new enterprise users may have one or more devices associated in their account. This profile is recommended when it is needed to share one or more MYeBOX® network analyzers with other users.

Stored data

The old cloud server remains accessible at for a period of 2 months. There, you can access the files sent until the migration date. Files that are shared from this point onwards will be sent to the new MYeBOX® cloud server.

Changes in user management

Unaffected users

Users who do not have an associated MYeBOX® or those who have only one, have been created as a standard user on the new platform.

This kind of user can log in with the same credentials, get access to all MYeBOX® registered and to the uploaded data. All MYeBOX® upgraded from 1.1.0 version will show all the new features previously described on the article.

If you want an enterprise root profile because you need to share MYeBOX® with other users, send us an email request at [email protected] with the following information:

Once the changes have been made, we will contact you by email.

Unrelated users

Users who have MYeBOX® analyzers shared with third parties that are not from the same company, have been created as a standard user on the new cloud server. For reasons of confidentiality and security, they have not been linked to the associated devices or files.

If you own the analyzers, you can add them back to your accounts using your device's register code. If you want a company administrator profile, follow the instructions defined in the previous point.

Enterprise users

Users who have MYeBOX® analyzers shared with other people from the same company have been created as entrerprise root profile. It is the responsibility of these users to assign roles within their organization.