Complete power factor regulator: Compensation, measurement and protection

admin | 18 de February de 2014

In response to the rising trend of tighter and stricter penalties applied to the consumption of reactive energy, CIRCUTOR is getting ahead of the times by offering a smart compensation solution with the new computer SMART III.



Measurement with three current transformers ensures similar readings to those of the company energy meter. The computer SMART III power factor regulator is the only one on the market that in addition to traditional measuring with one current transformer adds the option to measure with three transformers. It also features all the functions of a complete power analyzer and enables control of residual leakage currents.

The option of using one or three transformers makes it the perfect regulator for any installation, as it enables:

  • Changing from one to three transformers in the following cases:
    • Modifications in reactive energy penalties
    • Variations in consumption habits
    • Significant current offsets by phases
  • Replacing the regulator in any existing capacitor bank

Moreover, computer SMART III is a regulator that guarantees excellent preventive maintenance by means of programming its alarms and capacitor status test options for the maximum supervision and safety of its compensation unit.

More information:
Complete power factor regulator computer SMART III


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