CIRLAMP Smart street lighting management system

admin | 27 de February de 2014

Continuous increases in the price of electrical energy mean that one of the main objectives for all major consumers is improved energy efficiency.


In terms of energy consumption, the objective of being more efficient not only affects industrial installations but also street lighting, in most cases managed by city councils, and is one of the major forms of consumption where it is possible to become more efficient.

Since its creation in 1973, circutor has specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing products aimed at achieving energy efficiency. Drawing on its extensive experience in this sector, circutor has developed a range of products for smart street lighting management, obtaining significant advantages at all levels:

The solution developed by Circutor based on CirLamp, enables smart street lighting management, to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The possibility of remotely controlling the working of each lighting point offers numerous advantages over alternatives that propose single head-end control.

The CirLamp system provides both the flexibility of point-to-point control and ease of maintenance management, having a direct impact on electrical energy consumption and user satisfaction.


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