CIRCUTOR solutions certified according to the UNE217001-IN standard for 0 grid injection

admin | 28 de February de 2017

The CDP product family (CDP-0, CDP-G and CDP-DUO) and the CirPower Hybrid 4k-48 have been certified according to the UNE217001-IN standard, which stipulates that controllers designed to prevent injection to the grid must be capable of regulating the output power of the inverters in less than 2 seconds.

This distinction is yet another step in CIRCUTOR's commitment to providing technical solutions and it recognises the excellence of its products, whose controllers are the first to receive this certification through an accredited body such as CERES. This consolidates CIRCUTOR's position as a leader in the field of 0 injection in Spain, where it is the only company to date to have obtained this certification for its products that prevent injection into the grid.

In recent years, CIRCUTOR has gradually introduced a number of solutions that ensure the control and efficiency of self-consumption installations, tailored to the needs of each type of installation. The first system to be launched was the dynamic power controller (CDP-0) that prevented injection to the grid and made it far easier to obtain legal authorisation for self-consumption installations.

Then the dynamic power controller with demand management (CDP-G) was launched, optimising the production of self-consumption installations and managing non-critical loads to use the surplus energy from PV energy installations. CIRCUTOR's latest innovation comes in the form of the dynamic power controller with dual configuration of injection to grid parameters (CDP-DUO), capable of automatically switching the injection parameters according to the type of grid present (grid-diesel generator set). All of the aforementioned controllers have obtained the UNE217001-IN certification.

As well as certifying its controllers, CIRCUTOR wanted to go one step further and has also certified the first grid-tie hybrid inverter capable of meeting the standard's most stringent requirements. This certification makes the CirPower Hybrid 4k-48 a unique inverter in its class.