CIRCUTOR promotes the 4th Energy Services Congress in Seville

admin | 29 de September de 2014

CIRCUTOR is sponsoring the 4th Energy Services Congress to be held in Sevilla on 8 and 9 October.
All attendees will receive a copy of its new "Solutions for Energy Services" catalogue along with the general congress documentation.

The stand-out CIRCUTOR product at this congress is the CIRLAMP (point-to-point regulation of street lights via PLC).

CIRCUTOR will also give a talk on a real case study, presented by Pere Soria: "Photovoltaic self-consumption with no network injection in a car dealership with electric vehicle charging".

"The 4th edition of the Energy Services Congress aims to definitively consolidate the sector. It should be a focal point for end customers so that they understand the Energy Services business model to be investing in the future. It is a forum for reflecting on the state of the market and everything set forth in previous editions. Moreover, the Congress will be a stage for key players to discuss the evolution of various factors influencing market development and possible future trends, as well as to present case studies.

We can create a series of guidelines from the conclusions of previous editions and the current situation:

  • Trust is a key factor in relations between energy service companies and customers. That is why it is important to improve the level of knowledge about this model.
  • The recent European Energy Efficiency Directive and National Electric Code stipulations concerning the rehabilitation and certification of existing buildings, along with electrical sector reform, constitute a new regulatory framework that directly impacts the development of energy service companies. We try to exploit this new framework to our advantage, despite the uncertainty it causes.
  • Political will is critical and we must revive the momentum of the various administrations, despite prevailing austerity policies. The country stands to benefit.
  • Fully trustworthy and reliable technologies and products do exist. Regardless of the size of the project, case studies prove that significant savings can be achieved.
  • Financial institutions offer adequate financing tools, although the role of project quality must outweigh that of company solvency when performing assessments."


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