Check each parameter of your electrical installation

admin | 19 de July de 2018

New needs in the sector

The new CVM-E3-MINI analyser is specially designed to carry out the best electrical and energy variable management in any type of installation, adapting to new international standards for measuring and managing energy efficiency.

In line with the latest international standards, such as European Directive 27/2012/EU or National Electric Code 56/2016 (in Spain), the unit provides the user with the level of CO2 emissions of the installation, line or machine, as well as the monetary cost of the energy consumed or generated in each situation.

Check each parameter of your electrical installation
Everything that you need to know about your installation
  • Measures and calculates any parameter in your electrical network
    The CVM-E3-MINI provides real-time measurements of more than 250 electrical parameters, including energies, cost and emissions, both in terms of consumption and generation. The unit measures the maximum and minimum RMS values of any instantaneous variable, as well as the harmonic breakdown up to the 31st harmonic.
  • Separates the consumption of two sources of energy
    The unit features a digital input for changing the tariff. In this way, the unit is able to save the incremental values of two sources of energy, either from the electrical network or the auxiliary energy generation system (fuel generator or UPS).
Manages your installation

It measures the operating times in order to carry out the necessary preventive maintenance of the elements of the line or machine in which it is installed. In this way, the person in charge of maintenance is able to replace all elements that could cause faults before they occur, preventing production line downtimes and the indirect costs associated with this.

The device features a transistor output for interacting with the system once an alarm associated with an instantaneous parameter appears, fully programmable by the person in charge of maintenance.

Prevents configuration errors
The unit can be configured via the free software PowerStudio. This software also allows any wiring issues on the device to be resolved remotely, without having to wait to stop production, thus avoiding erroneous data in the readings.
  • It resolves current transformer installation errors
    If a current transformer has been installed incorrectly, the unit will provide incorrect measurements. Using the software, it is possible to rotate a transformer without having to physically modify the wiring, thus avoiding reading errors and any electrical risk, as it is not necessary to interact with the power system.
  • It resolves voltage and current correspondence errors
    If the voltage connections are not on the same line as the current transformers, the unit will show erroneous values in the cosφ and power factor measurement, resulting in an erroneous power and energy reading. Via the software, it is possible to change the position of the voltage phases so that they correspond to the current phases without having to physically modify the wiring, thus avoiding reading errors and any electrical risk, as it is not necessary to interact with the power system.
Increased safety
The new CVM-E3-MINI features a new Plug&ON system with plug-in terminals to facilitate the installation of the device. These terminals are totally protected by sealable terminal strip covers to avoid any tampering or accidental disconnection due to the voltage of the wiring itself.

Increased safety

More versatility
The unit features an integrated Modbus RTU and BACnet protocol, providing versatility in terms of its installation in different types of installations, both in buildings and in industry settings. For those installations in which it is necessary to install the unit in panel format, the CVM-E3-MINI features a 72x72 mm adaptor for any assembly requirements.

More versatility

The best visibility
It ensures the correct display of data for distances of up to 3 m, avoiding having to open the panel to check any electrical parameter.


The best visibility

"Without a doubt, the new image of the CVM-E3-MINI power analyser from CIRCUTOR
is in keeping with current times and its features also respond to the needs of the sector."



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