Capacitor bank calculation software CRP

admin | 13 de May de 2014

What is CRP?

CIRCUTOR presents its new CRP (Circutor Reactive Project) capacitor bank calculation software. CRP is simple and intuitive software used to automatically calculate the capacitor bank needed in your installation.

What are the advantages of CRP?

CRP software is designed to help any client calculate and select a capacitor bank for their installation:

CRP software Free Download

How does it work?

By following just a few simple steps, CRP helps determine exactly which capacitor bank to install, without any calculation necessary. CRP has a completely friendly and intuitive interface, with two calculation methods:

CRP software Free Download

Two calculation methods

 CRP Main screen
CRP Main screen


Once the data has been entered, CRP will show the exact model of the suitable capacitor bank for the installation. Advanced users can modify the configuration parameters of the capacitor bank such as selection of the regulator, operation, switch, etc., sending their requests and comments by e-mail to CIRCUTOR in order to receive prices and delivery times. There are also links for downloading technical information about the product. CRP software Free Download


Capacitor bank selection results screenCapacitor bank selection results screen


After obtaining the model, the exact code of the required product together with the technical tables, basic installation instructions and return and return on investment graphics (investment versus profits) will be shown.  These results can be saved and printed in different formats, as well as the complete project for subsequent reviews. CRP software Free Download


Capacitor bank calculation 

What should I do after obtaining the results?

Contact us to receive prices and delivery times of the required capacitor bank.

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