Dynamic Power Controler


CDP-G, Dynamic power controller with demand management,

Code: E52001.



    CDP-G is a dynamic power controller which modifies the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) of the inverters in order to regulate the PV generation according the energy consumption of the user and besides, it allows using the excesses of PV production. CDP product range regulates the PV production according to the power consumption in any self-consumption PV system to control the power that you are feeding into the grid.

    CDP-G incorporates all the features of the CDP-0 and moreover it has 3 relay outputs to connect loads and to use the excess of PV production. By connecting non-critical loads during sunny hours in the day it allows to have a lower level of grid dependence and a reduction of energy costs.

    By programming a value of power consumption and a priority level to each output, CDP-G is able to calculate and to connect automatically each load in the right moment depending on the excess of PV production. Moreover, CDP-G allows to assign a percentage of grid contribution to these loads in order improve the performance of the PV system.

     Some of the main features of the CDP-G are:

    • Management of 3 loads
    • Usage of PV production excess
    • Possibility to manage the main solar inverters in the market and many solar inverters* by system
    • Web monitoring (smart-phones, tablets or PC)
    • Data logger and file downloading (.csv) through any web browser
    • Web configuration of many parameters
    • Display with on-line data of PV production, user consumption and grid consumption
    • MODBUS/TCP communications to allow SCADA integrations.

    CDP-G is able to manage the next solar inverters:

    • FRONIUS: types Galvo, Symo, Primo and ECO models (Light and WLAN versions).
    • DELTA: types SOLIVIA and RPI.
    • KOSTAL: types PIKO IQ 4.2-10, PIKO 10-20 and PIKO 36 EPC (PLENTICORE and PIKO MP hybrid models are NOT compatible).
    • GROWATT: types GROWATT 750-3000 S, 17000-50000 TL3-S.
    • KACO NEW ENERGY: POWADOR 1501, 5001xi, 2500xi, 5000xi, 6400xi, 8000xi, 25.000xi, 33.000xi, 2002, 6002, TL3, TR3, all XP series and Blueplanet.
    • HUAWEI: SUN2000-8KTL, SUN2000-12KTL, SUN2000-17KTL, SUN2000-20KTL, SUN2000-23KTL, SUN2000-28KTL, SUN2000-33KTL-A, SUN2000-36KTL, SUN2000-42KTL (Not compatible with Huawei Smart Logger, NOT compatible with SUN2000 models with "M0" termination).
    • ABB: types TRIO 5.8-7.5-8.5 (accessory required “PMU EXPANSION BOARD”), TRIO 20.0-27.6, TRIO TM 50.0 and TRIO 50.0-TL models.
    • ABB SUNSPEC: models "UNO-DM-TL-PLUS" (accessory required "UNO-DM-COM-KIT"), PVS-50/60-TL, PVS-100/120-TL and PVS-175-TL.


    • Self-consumption PV systems (with/without) grid injection with usage of PV production excess
    • Remote monitoring systems and energy balance trending (with or without grid injection)
    • Management of heat pumps (aerothermal or geothermal)
    • Water heating with the use of thermoaccumulators (swimming pools, homes)
    • Water pumping and irrigation applications
    • Production of compressed air.


    Mechanical characteristics
    Size (mm) width x height x depth
    105 x 90 x 65 (mm)
    Weight (kg)



    CDP-0 Dynamic Power Controller: IP address configuration
    CDP-0 Dynamic Power Controller: Start-up
    CDP-0 Dynamic Power Controller: Installing the unit


    User's manual
    Technical guide
    Diagram connection
    Product video
    Video Installation
    Other Certificates

    Application Notes
    Installation scheme
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with DELTA-TR inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with Fronius inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with Fronius MB inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with INGETEAM inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with KOSTAL inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with Kaco inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with DELTA RPI inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with HUAWEI inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with ABB inverters
    Connection and configuration of a CDP with ABB SUNSPEC inverters
    Configuration of the IP addresses
    Split-phase type installations

    Certificates / Other downloads
    Auto-certification for self-consumption zero injection
    Certificate Real Decreto 244/2019 / UNE217001-IN
    Software & Firmware