Mejoramos nuestro software industrial PowerStudio SCADA con la herramienta WAVE

We are improving our PowerStudio SCADA industrial software with the WAVE tool

Circutor | 9 de February de 2024


WAVE offers new features and improvements in terms of industrial interoperability, an intuitive customized display and cybersecurity

The SCADA software you know and love, now with new features

We have improved PowerStudio SCADA, our industrial monitoring and control software designed to improve the energy management of installations present in industries, retailers, data centers, hotels and more.

With an upgraded and attractive user interface, the new WAVE tool offers more intuitive navigation, ideal for those seeking to develop applications in an easy, streamlined and more modern way, with the utmost detail and the best professional result.

Mejoramos nuestro software industrial PowerStudio SCADA con la herramienta WAVE

Industrial interoperability

The WAVE tool maintains a traditional software architecture while adding new features that maximize its power and use.

WAVE integrates the Modbus SQL and OPC-UA open standards (using an extension), which facilitates industrial interoperability. The software lets you create and modify any device with Modbus communications so you can monitor, manage and control it remotely. And from now on, it will only read and store those variables that the user is most interested in.

What's more, WAVE allows the data recorded in the user's SQL database to be inserted directly and in real time, in order to exchange internal data with those of other platforms. This provides users with a precise overview so they can make strategic decisions for their business.

Personalized intuitive displays

WAVE also stands out for offering intuitive customized displays. You can display, compare and group historic or real-time data from one or more installations using SCADA screens and customizable dashboards.

The new and fully refreshed web user interface features a gallery of generic widgets for line graphs, bar graphs, etc., and specialized widgets for the main installation loads, monitoring charging points, and more.

Maximum security

Another strength of the new tool is that it guarantees maximum security thanks to data encryption.

WAVE uses secure communications between all its modules and services. Encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, this maximizes the security, integrity and privacy of the information.

Digitizing the monitoring and control of your installations has never been as easy, fast and secure as with WAVE.

Visit the PowerStudio SCADA website to find out more about our industrial software and the WAVE tool.