RECmaxCVM a versatile unit that will analyse and protect your facility

admin | 10 de November de 2017

The new REC max CVM, reclosing circuit breaker and earth leakage protection, now with measurement included.

Current situation

Currently, the vast majority of production processes in industry and services for people require a continuous supply of electrical energy.

Ensuring electrical service continuity is vitally important to maintain a business model; production line downtime or the disconnection of a refrigerating chamber will mean significant financial losses for a company.

Electrical service continuity ensures highly efficient energy management (ISO 50001) for businesses and improves the quality of life of people in their homes and leisure facilities.

Obviously, the safety of people and equipment comes first, but most of the time avoidable and unwanted tripping of the protection elements occur in situations where no electrical hazard is involved.

There are numerous causes of these trips, so analysing the installation helps us to identify what triggered them, to enable us to deal with them as quickly as possible.

In light of these issues, it is necessary to install smart earth leakage and circuit breaker protection devices with automatic reclosing, which ensures as little service interruption as possible. If this device is also capable of performing measurements, you get a unique solution that covers the three most important aspects for maintaining the safety, measure and continuity of your electrical installation. 3 systems in 1: protection, analysis and reclosing.

Safety, quality and continuity. Protection, analysis and reclosing


The new RECmaxCVM is a system that combines circuit breaker and earth leakage protection. It has an automatic reclosing system, as well as a power analyser, included to measure the electrical parameters of the circuit it is protecting. A system designed for critical environments and sectors where electrical service continuity is vitally important.

Versatile System.

  • Available in 2- and 4-pole for all types of installations.
  • Adjustable trip sensitivity: 0.03-0.1-0.3-0.5-1 A
  • Adjustable trip time: Instantaneous - Selective: 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.4 - 0.5 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1 s

Reduces unwanted tripping, maximum service continuity.

  • Type A super-immunised protection.
  • Automatic reclosing system.

Measurement of all of the installation's electrical parameters.

  • Built-in CVM series power analyser.
  • It has RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU).

Installation control.

  • 2 inputs for remote control of the device.
  • 2 outputs to signal the status of the installation.

The RECmax CVM kit comes with all accessories included, both the MC measuring transformer and the WGC earth leakage transformer.

  • Over 250 electrical variables.
  • DIN Rail format.
  • Trip curves: C/D
  • Leakage current measurement with the external WGC earth leakage transformer.
  • Current measurement with the MC series efficient transformers (.../250 mA).
  • Compatible with PowerStudio / PowerStudio Scada / PowerStudio Scada Deluxe software

Designed for saving

RECmax CVM is designed for saving. The combination of a CVM power analyser and an automatic reclosing protection device make it a compact and affordable system. A single system that offers protection, electrical service continuity and grid analysis.

1. Saves time and space
Space is normally limited on electric panels due to excess equipment and wiring. Therefore, RECmax CVM with its small enclosure, can be suitable for any electric panel and free up space on the DIN rail.
RECmax CVM avoids excessive wiring thanks to its Plug&Play system, as it is not necessary to wire the power supply for the reclosing motor or the analyser module, as it has a system that is self-powered directly from the power line.
Saves time and space
2. Reduces unwanted tripping
has ultra-immunised circuit breaker and earth leakage protection. Many earth leakage relays on the market do not have ultra-immunised protection. What sets the RECmax CVM apart from normal earth leakage relays is that it has a high frequency filter that enables it to determine whether there is really a leakage problem in the installation. In other words, it determines whether there is a real leakage and the effects of the harmonics on the grid.
This means that unnecessary tripping due to harmonics is avoided, thus ensuring service continuity.
The main advantages of ultra-immunised protection over conventional protection are:
  • Greater accuracy in trip sensitivity, between 85%-100%. Conventional earth leakage relays can trip at 50% of their sensitivity, unwanted tripping caused by leakages that do not generate any hazards.
  • Frequency response with filtering of leakages at high frequencies; it distinguishes between real leakages and harmonic distortion
  • Higher immunity against network transients of up to 3 kA for 8/20 µs impulses, thus avoiding false tripping caused by network transients.
3. Reduces production and/or service losses
Unwanted tripping of protection elements is normally resolved with simple manual reclosing. The problem arises when we require continuity in our process but we do not have the means to perform such reclosing. In many factories and buildings there is no 24-hour maintenance service. When faced with this problem, the best solution to ensure electrical continuity is to have an element with a smart automatic reclosing system.

RECmax CVM has a motorised system that reconnects the protection element in the event of unwanted tripping. RECmax CVM is a smart system, reclosing after 3, 20 and 180 seconds respectively; if it detects that the problem is persisting, the unit is permanently disconnected to keep the installation safe.

4. Saves energy
Knowing about our use of energy resources is the first step towards energy efficiency. If we do not know about our consumption patterns, there is no way we can act in the key areas where savings can be made in our installation.
In light of this, including a power analyser in a single protection element will inform us of our energy use, so that we can try to optimise it in our production process.

At the same time as protecting people and the installation, we control and reduce unnecessary and inefficient consumption within it. The CVM analyser measures over 250 electrical variables. Thanks to the display or RS485 communication, we know how, when and where our energy costs are arising.

A complete solution. Protects, Measures and Reconnects

RECmax CVM is a complete solution that is perfect for facilities where it is vitally important to maintain the electrical service, such as production lines, data centres, supermarkets, etc. But always while protecting the safety of people and equipment.

RECmax CVM has 2 inputs, one for the device's remote control. The system allows you to remotely reclose the circuit breaker, thus avoiding the need for manual reclosing.

With the second input, RECmax CVM allows you to disable automatic reclosing, making it suitable for facilities that only require protection and measurement.

Furthermore, RECmax CVM has 2 outputs that allow us to know the protection status; the system generates alarms to report a change in the circuit breaker, thus informing us of the conditions in our facility in real time.

It also generates locking alarms, so that we know if we have locked the automatic reclosing system.

Plug&Play System Simply connect the phases and the system will be integrated into the electric panel.


Products associated with RECmax CVM

PowerStudio Scada and PowerStudio Deluxe electric energy management and monitoring software

PowerStudio Scada and PowerStudio Deluxe electric energy management and monitoring software

For some time now, CIRCUTOR has been developing robust and reliable tools that transfer electrical parameter or consumption information from remote measuring units or laptop devices to a centralised system where the data gathered can be checked and processed.
This tool is called PowerStudio Scada and it covers all the necessary options for analysing the data gathered and taking decisions to make your installations energy efficient.

Efficient three-phase measurement transformers, specially designed for modular electric panels

Efficient three-phase measurement transformers, specially designed for modular electric panels

The MC measurement system offers significant advantages to professionals during the power analyzer and meter implementation and installation phase in electric panels.
The MC3 system is composed of three efficient transformers in a compact arrangement; its dimensions make it a simple and innovating system for 63A, 125A and 250A panels.
The MC1 system allows line extensions in electric panels, by simply changing the transformer secondary, as it is a compact multi-range system.

WGC series earth leakage transformers, optimised for the installation

WGC series earth leakage transformers, optimised for the installation

Earth leakage transformers. This new range has a series of improvements, mainly designed for installing units on switchboards. In addition to the normal fixing elements for your installation, we have added the option to install it on a DIN rail by using an accessory, making it easier to install. The WGC series earth leakage transformers have better immunity to transient current spikes, which normally trip earth leakage protection systems.

all included
Application in factories and offices

The dual function of earth leakage protection devices as automatic reclosing elements means that they can be used in both earth leakage and circuit breaker applications. The possible applications for these systems in facilities or infrastructures with little or no supervision include:

Data centres

Data centres