CIRCUTOR x INTILION. La solución para la acumulación de energía más segura y confiable

CIRCUTOR x INTILION. The safest and most reliable solution for energy storage.

Circutor | 22 de November de 2022

New solutions for energy management by bringing together knowledge and commitment to offer batteries for energy storage for self-consumption and projects for charging electric vehicles the Iberian and Andorran market.


CIRCUTOR and INTILION join forces. INTILION's experience in developing safe and plug & play lithium battery solutions adds to CIRCUTOR's technological expertise and commitment to customer service, improving energy efficiency and grid quality.

Both companies have partnered to make energy storage solutions available to their customers. The solutions are ideal for optimizing solar energy projects by shifting the use of self-generated energy to the most valuable time slots and providing the additional energy needed during times of peak demand.

The different accumulation systems are presented in two categories. The first for outdoor use (BAS-B73), and the second for indoor use (BAS-S154), with the aim of adapting to the different market needs.

CIRCUTOR x INTILION. La solución para la acumulación de energía más segura y confiable

The BAS-B73 model (INTILION | Scalebloc) provides the necessary power for efficient operation of EV fast charging points at locations with weak grid connections and low power availability.

CIRCUTOR x INTILION. La solución para la acumulación de energía más segura y confiable

The BAS-S154 model (INTILION | Scalestac) is the best solution for installation in industrial and commercial buildings to allow managing the delivery of accumulated energy at the most convenient hours.

Both systems are modular and flexible solutions that are expandable in capacity and performance. The solutions guarantee maximum safety, thanks to the fire prevention system.

This new alliance, as well as its associated products and services, will be presented at the CIRCUTOR stand at the next edition of the MATELEC fair, from November 15 to 18, in Madrid, as well as at the edition of ENERGAIA, on December 7 and 8 in Montpellier.


From 1973, CIRCUTOR has been designing, manufacturing and providing a wide range of products, solutions and services for energy efficiency, grid quality, metering, protection, EV charging and renewable energy markets all around the world. More than 3000 references, 7 manufacturing sites, subsidiaries in France, Argentina, Mexico and Peru and sale offices in the five continents define CIRCUTOR’s DNA. Customer oriented with strong commitment to build a better and more sustainable world.


The storage expert INTILION with headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, is a leading provider of scalable and modular lithium-ion energy storage solutions. The commercial and large-scale storage systems are available from 70 kWh and can be extended to several MWh. In industry and commerce, applications range from peak shaving to self-consumption optimization. As a grid-serving application, INTILION storage systems stabilize the energy supply and ensures security of supply in critical and system-relevant infrastructures. INTILION installs its battery storage systems throughout Europe and supports its customers over the entire system lifetime with a comprehensive and sustainable service concept: from system design over commissioning to disposal.