CIRCUTOR will be participating at the Middle East Electricity 2020 exhibition, from March 3rd – 5th in Dubai (UAE)

admin | 21 de January de 2020

Middle East Electricity is the largest exhibition worldwide for the energy industry, covering electrical generation, transmission and distribution, including sectors of renewable energies and lighting industry.

Middle East Electricity receives visitors from all the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world, and presents itself as the main meeting point of professionals of the energy industry in the region. During this edition, CIRCUTOR, with over 45 years in the energy efficiency sector, will participate to show new solutions for improving electrical energy efficiency.


  • Energy management solutions (EMS)
    • New Line-System: Modular devices to create the most efficient Energy Management System (EMS) for monitoring and controlling on real time any installations. This system allows plugging as many modules as needed in order to control any variable via Modbus protocol, create scada screens, bill simulation reports or control external systems (lighting, HVAC, temperatures,…) directly through its built-in EMS via Ethernet, without the need to install a PC.
    • New CVM-E3-MINI- WiEth: New DIN rail analyzer with Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications in order to avoid any type of cabling. This model also uses Bluetooth communications to easily program the communication settings using a free APP.
    • FLEX analyzers: New power analyzers in order to be connected in networks where there is no possibility to do power outage for its installation (Heavy industry, transformer stations,…). All the models uses flexible clamps to read and register the current allowing its installation anytime.
  • Power quality
    • CVM-A1500A: Power quality analyzer certified with IEC 61000-4-30 for events (Swells, sags and interruptions) and transients recording with built-in Web Server.
    • MYeBOX-A: Portable power quality analyzer with free APP and cloud server certified in Class A according to IEC 61000-4-30 with events (Swells, sags and interruptions) and transients recording.
    • AFQm Active filters: Wall mounted models for 30A, 60A or 100A and new cabinet models for 100A, 200A, 300A or 400A with multilevel technology and built-in web server.
  • BMS devices
    • New CEM-C meters: New three phase meters, direct and indirect connection with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications both with IEC and MID certification. Those meters are prepared for the new climate challenge displaying the CO2 emissions, cost of energy and working time for maintenance purposes.
  • Energy savings
    • Static Var Generator-SVG: Solution for inductive and capacitive active compensation.
    • Capacitor Banks and components (Low and Medium Voltage): Static capacitor banks with rejection filters, large range of Heavy Duty capacitors and reactors and Power Factor Relays (regulators).
  • Service continuity
    • New RGU-100B: New residual current device to ensure the supply continuity in networks with AC+DC residual currents with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications.
    • New CBS-400B: New residual current device for 4 individual lines to ensure the supply continuity in networks with AC+DC residual currents with RS-485 Modbus RTU communications.
    • New REC4: Residual current relay with self-reclosing system with the most compact enclose to reconnect the installation in case of tripping.
    • New RECB: Residual current relay with self-reclosing system for networks or devices with AC+DC currents that reconnects the installation in case of tripping.
    • RECmaxCVM: RCCB with self-reclosing system to reconnect the installations in case of overcurrent, short-circuit or residual current fault. With the easiest installation and power analyzer built-in with more than 250 variables and RS-485 Modbus RTU communications.
  • String monitoring system
    • New string monitoring system STM: New analyzer to record information from solar panels with DC to be installed inside the string boxes. The system is modular and expandable with RS-485 (Modbus RTU) communications or wireless with LoRa system.

We look forward to receiving you in our stand to show you all our new products in Hall 2, stand E18.