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Reactors for filtering, power electronics or choke systems

We design custom reactors to your specifications for filtering applications, power electronics or to reduce transients when connecting loads, for both low- and medium-voltage networks.

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Residual current protection

Guarantee the protection of your products and customers

Discover our wide range of RCDs to adequately protect the products you manufacture, or add a new line of solutions for protecting people and installations to your portfolio.

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Power analysers and transformers

Add energy management to your product range

We offer a wide range of power analysers and current transformers for measuring and managing energy and monitoring electrical parameters, as a supplement to your product portfolio.

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Innovation and Development

We have an R&D team with over 100 engineers who work to design new options to meet market demand.

Production Centres

Our products are manufactured in 4 centres, located in Viladecavalls, Barcelona, Santa Perpètua and Mexico.

Testing Laboratory

Internal laboratory for compatibility testing (EMC/EMI), metrological calibration and verification (official laboratory), which guarantees the highest quality.

Circutor technology

We are committed to innovation, and incorporate cutting-edge technology to keep coming up with more efficient solutions for the electricity sector.


Internal calibration and testing laboratory

We have our own Calibration and Testing Laboratory certified as per the criteria contained in Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025, all of which is certified by the ENAC National Accreditation Body. This allows us to guarantee the Quality and Reliability of all our products, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Directives and Standards.


Calibration laboratory

The Calibrations department carries out all the activities listed in TECHNICAL ANNEX No 229/LC10.187, which spans a wide range of electrical parameters.

  • U AC voltage
  • I AC current
  • W AC power
  • Wh AC Energy
  • f Frequency
  • U DC voltage
  • I DC current
  • R Resistance
Laboratorio calibración

Testing laboratory

The Testing Department performs all the activities listed in Technical ANNEX No 1370/LE2532, and particularly Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/EMI), Electrical and Environmental Safety tests, along with a wide variety of mechanical tests.

Laboratorio calibración

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