Energy management software

PowerStudio SCADA Ultimate

SCADA software for monitoring, control and analysis of installations, with CIRCUTOR devices and third-party Modbus equipment. No limit to the number of devices.,

Code: W20120.



    PowerStudio SCADA is a software platform designed to improve the energy management of your installations. A solution that lets you manage energy consumption, control your automation systems, manage alarms and perform maintenance tasks easily and in real time, for one or more electrical installations, all on the same platform.

    Monitor any device on the market with Modbus communications in real time. Create graphs and tables of average variables. Measure your own KPIs. Track any incident that may occur. Get estimated invoices with all the consumption of your installation. And compare several installations simultaneously on the same screen.

    Regarding the interoperability, PowerStudio SCADA has an XML API REST to extract historal and instantaneous real-time data. In addition, the software offers the possibility to publish data as an OPC-UA server or to export to an SQL database.

    PowerStudio SCADA offers a wide range of professional tools that will let you develop your application quickly and easily, and go into as much detail as your project requires.

    PowerStudio SCADA WAVE (NEW)

    Program from any website environment in a simpler, more visual and intuitive way. Streamline and execute your projects with more detail.

    PowerStudio SCADA EDITOR

    Create, modify and publish your personalized application from anywhere in the world with this offline tool. Set up devices, create KPIs, design SCADA screens, generate custom reports and much more...

    PowerStudio SCADA CLIENT

    View screens, reports and alarms in real time. With the CLIENT tool, the end customer will have access to the application's monitoring and management tools, but will not be able to modify the programming, thus avoiding potential manipulation errors.

    PowerStudio SCADA ENGINE

    With the ENGINE tool, your SCADA does all the programmed tasks independently and continuously. The data monitoring, analysis and calculation processes are fully independent.

    Software versions

    PowerStudio SCADA offers three on-premise versions that adapt to your business to grow with it as needed.

    • PowerStudio SCADA Basic: Up to 25 devices
    • PowerStudio SCADA Pro: Up to 50 devices
    • PowerStudio SCADA Ultimate: Unlimited devices


    PowerStudio SCADA is a software designed for building energy management, and we highlight the following:

    • Industry
    • Retail
    • Data centers
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Airports
    • Educational center
    • Public building
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    New WAVE tool for PowerStudio SCADA


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